Take Two day 16: Metallic

Day Sixteen

Just a plain colour for today's metallic theme - but isn't this colour stunning?? Funny thing is that it's actually called "Metallic" as well, which is very fitting. It's by Revlon.
My fingers look very dark in these photos, oops.

I love this sort of polish. I've been borrowing another silver Revlon off my sister called Silver Dollar, but I like this one much more. It reminds me of those metallic nail foils. And it's a top speed one too! Any quick drying polish is fine by me.

If you've done today's challenge, add it here!

I got this polish recently from The Warehouse for only $6! This is very cheap for New Zealand; in pharmacies Revlon's are $16.50 or more. I had to stock up a bit as I'm stuck in Auckland still and needed some more colours for the challenges... oh no, how tragic :).

I'm slowly recovering from my surgery, by the way! Still very uncomfortable and don't like to move too much but hoping to fly home on Monday. Can't wait, me and my husband are missing our home comforts!

I just painted my nails for tomorrow's challenge and it was a bit trickier than usual! My hands aren't as steady at the moment and I felt myself getting dizzy after half an hour. Had to paint them in waves.

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