Take Two day 14: Inspired by the Supernatural

Day fourteen
Inspired by the Supernatural

I got the idea for these from Miss Jen Fabulous, who I follow on various different social networks. She does lots of beauty stuff, and a fair bit of nail art too! I found this tutorial of hers which is really cool. I did mine slightly differently, but the idea is clearly the same so if you want to learn how to do it, check her video out.
So... Vampire nail art!

I love how awesome and recognizable these are. I might do another design sometime but make it just a normal mouth... maybe pink lipstick or something.

If you've done today's challenge, add it here:

I'll be leaving hospital on the day this is published!! Exciting! Can't wait to do a big blog post about my hospital experience.

The colours I used were:

Jordana: Black
Jordana Pop art: Contemporary White
LA Colors Art Deco: Red

The script for today's link up is:

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  1. You must stop being so amazing!! Kidding, don't or I wouldn't have anything wonderful to look at!

  2. Heehee! Great minds think alike! I love this design! You did a fantastic job!

  3. They are awesome Jessie, very impressed :) x

  4. great subject for a movie freak like me, i'll try this, maybe i can acheive something similar..don't know why it reminds me of the rocky horror picture show, or some other horror parodies such as Dance with the vampires..you inspired me for something..thanks.. ;)

    1. I'm glad I inspired you! It definitely fits in the horror category :)

  5. Wow ! I love your supernatural design ! The vampire nails looks so cool !


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