Take Two day 12: Half Moons

Day Twelve
Half Moons

I ended up doing two of these as I didn't like the first one (the purple one) that much. These are my first half moon manis, so don't judge!
This first one I made into a sun, just to be a little more interesting...

And this second one I did the half moons as half diamonds instead, lol.

I painted the purple ones a couple of days ago - along with four other designs that I put on then took off!
Why did I paint my nails five times in one day? Because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to keep up with Take Two. About the time this is published I'll be preparing for my operation which I keep going on about (sorry!)  and I'll be out of action for a few days. Two of those days I'll be in hospital and then I'll just be recovering at my Aunties house... not sure how much pain I'll be in (hopefully not much!) but just in case I'm going nuts getting ahead. I've done pretty good too, up to day 20 or so!

If you've done today's challenge, add it here!

I can't remember exactly what colours I used but if you're curious, just ask. I know the brands - the blue was a Sally Hansen, yellow a Jordana Pop art polish, purple an OPI and silver a Revlon.

Wish me luck :(. It's the night before and I'm just wanting it to be Thursday already! Hopefully all my endo problems will be solved after this though. Omg, that would be amazing. It's been a long time since I wasn't in any sort of pain and I'm really looking forward to this stage of my life being over.

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  1. The suns are gorgeous! What mani will you be wearing into surgery? Goodluck with it! I hope that it eases your pain! Endo is awful to deal with. All the best!!

    1. I didn't wear anything in the end, they wanted my nails to be bare for that thing they put on your finger :(. Hopefully things will be better in a month or so! Thanks!

  2. I love it! The colors are so bright and cheery!


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