Take Two day 11: Tribal Print

Day Eleven
Tribal Print

Here are my Tribal print nails! Or Aztec print, or just super bright and colourful.

I've seen this pattern floating around the internet since before I was into nail art.  It. Is. Everywhere. I've tried searching for the original nail artist but never found her! If anyone knows, let me know in the comments because it bugs me! Obviously I, along with the rest of the world thought it was awesome, but it looked too complicated for me to do. 
Today, I tried it. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, my nails and the original are pretty damn similar! There were a few differences in colours but not much.

Found this image here (but it's all over the net so probably isn't the original place):
If you've done today's challenge, add it in here:

The colours I used for this were:
Art Deco: Hi-Lite, Red, Sky Blue.
Jordana Pop Art: Black Mark, Contemporary White.
Jordana: White, Black.
Revlon: Mad about Mango
Funky Fingers: Cheshire

I didn't do the other hand, as I'm just doing a crazy nail art day and trying to get as many of the Take Two designs done as possible before I'm off to get my operation. I have to have bare nails so they can put one of those what-do-you-call-its on my finger. I'm so embarrassed, the yellow is still growing out and they look yuck! Plus I just cut my right hand's nails so I have short, stubby, yellow digits.

These nails were definitely very time-consuming, but they weren't actually that hard... I made a few slip ups but with the right tools they're pretty achievable. Not good for beginners though!! I love this design so much I might end up making a tutorial for it when I get my camera for Christmas!

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  1. these are so detailed, did you do them with pens or brushes? Very cool look for Spring next year.


  2. So, I did a little digging and figured out where the nails came from! The artist is from this blog: http://mercierbeaucoup.com/tag/nail-art/ This woman and her sister paint fake nails and sell them in sets. The picture that have up there in your post is actually a set of fake nails. The reason why you cannot find the source of them is because they sold all of their sets and aren't making any more of that style. This is the website they sell the nails on: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ZebberCustomNails I hope this helped! :D

    1. Oh wow awesome, thanks! I actually used that etsy shop photo as my source as it seemed most likely but I wasn't sure. Good to know!

  3. Awesome tribal nails Jessie - I can only imagine the kind of patience you'd have to have to get this look happening. I love it :) Very bright & a great re-creation :)

    1. I only did it on my left hand, it would've taken at least three hours to do both hands :P. Thanks!

  4. You are flippin amazing!! These are amazing and your nails are growing out nicely!

    1. EVERY time someone comments that I've just cut my nails! My thumbnail broke on the right hand so I cut all the nails on that hand and filed down my left hand's nails so they didn't look so uneven. Thanks anyway :P

  5. These are amazing, they are so detailed!


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