Review of Gene Doll "Tapping toes like Mr Kelly" by piCture pOlish

This is the third of the four polishes I was sent for review from the lovely people at Picture Polish, but oh my goodness this one is my favourite of them all! It's stunning! It was quite hard to pick up the exact colour in the photos but I think I ended up getting it fairly accurate. 

Two coats of Tapping toes like Mr Kelly over black
As you can see, it's a gorgeous pinky-purple glitter. I love how it's got a mix of tiny and medium-sized glitters, it means that when the bigger glitters don't fill a spot the little specks still do and it therefore has nice, even coverage.

Two coats over white
I haven't decided what colour I like best underneath - maybe black? They all look awesome, I'd like to try a pink as well.

One coat over black
If you're interested in these polishes or other beautiful colours, you can check them out at any of the links below.

Gracie-Lou is the reseller in New Zealand, by the way. 

Two coats over purple
Here are the other two colours I've reviewed out of the four:

One more to come!

*This polish was provided to me for honest review from Picture Polish.*


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