NZ Nail art Competition Winner!

Just a quick update to say that a winner of my nail art competition has been chosen! I felt sorry for my husband having to choose... they were all great! It came down to two in the end and the winner ended up being Jenn! Haha, I just realised that my last giveaway winner was called Jenn too - different ones though! I'm about to email her now and let her know she won.

Jenn's winning design! Her first hand-painted nail art and
first competition -  and WOW!

Hannah's design - coming in a close second!
Hannah's other hand!
Hannah and Jen were so close, they both had put a heap of work and detail into it and it was such a tough choice! 
Here are the rest of the amazing entries, great work, kiwis! I wish you could all win :(


Lani #2


  1. oh awesome Jenn! those nails were so cool! I especially love the tumb! :) so super good work! and wow to me coming second! :D thanks for the fun competition Jessie!


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