Why are tribal nails so awesome?

I just love these. I've only done Tribal nails once before and that was when I just started and they were shocking, such a mess and my nails were so short! You can see them here. I'm very proud of these though :) Haha, no modesty here at all. What do you think?

I started off planning to do Zig Zag nails for a guest post I'm doing soon, but then changed it to this. 
The colours I used were all Jordana ones! I'm back to loving that brand, despite that one bad experience I had with them.

Jordana - Black
Jordana - Contemporary White
Jordana - Blue Abstract
Jordana - Express in Yellow

Those last three were "pop art" nail design polishes, with a thin brush instead of thick. I ALWAYS use my Black Mark one, it's ridiculous. They get gluggy after a while but I just add a bit of thinner and they're okay. Easier than cleaning a normal nail art brush every time you go to change colours :) 

 Yeah, this post is really photo-heavy. I took a million photos of them...

Just to break it up a bit here - I'm almost finished my exams! Just one more to go! But that's a whole week away which is kind of annoying. Still, it's probably my worst subject so it'll give me time to study up. Then just one more paper and I'll be finished my degree!
I'm pretty excited about these holidays. I'm going to focus on getting my broken body all fixed up (hopefully!) and having lots of fun social times... and painting my nails, of course!

Oh yeah - THIS. This was traumatic. I was putting on a top coat and realised there was a bit of something trapped underneath the coat I had just put on. I tried to wipe it away quickly, but the top coat and softened the rest of it and THIS happened!!

I managed to fix it up alright though :). Most of these photos were taken after it was fixed, so you can see it worked out okay.

Look what I made! A nail art brush holder! I usually keep mine in a pencil case or this old fashioned pencil tin, but both of them squished the ends of the longer brushes a bit, so I did this! It was super easy too - just an old cat food can (it didn't smell bad, thank god!) with newspaper wrapped around it. Then I used some whitish-clear tape to go around the top and bottom to hold it in place. I actually ended up going right round the tin that way, so if it gets wet it won't be ruined straight away. I'm quite happy with the end result!

Don't forget about Take Two!


  1. They really are awesome! I'm always amazed by tribal nails, they seem so difficult to do and require so much accuracy and creativity!

    1. They're not as bad as they look - that's why I love them, they look really difficult but aren't actually too hard! And thanks!

  2. These are amazing! I love tribal nails :)

  3. Yay!! LOVE! You did very well in fixing that booboo, I didn't even notice until you showed us :3
    I keep all my brushes in an old cotton-tip container thing, because my desk pencil-cup is full of pens and pencils already...

    1. Yay! I'm glad you didn't notice it, I was sooo annoyed when I did it lol. Haha yeah I probably could have used another pencil case but that was full of pens etc too :)

  4. I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))

  5. Love these! They're super cute tribal nails and way better than mine!

    1. I just checked yours out, they're cool! But thanks!

  6. I think you HAVE TO BE proud! This tribal manicure is perfect! :-) I like also the choice of colours! :-)


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