Swatches overload, including two from Daily Lacquer!

Wow wow wow. I don't swatch that often, but apparently when I do, I go crazy. I spent a good two hours in the weekend just putting on new nail polish then taking it straight off. This isn't me at all, normally nail polish stays on for a whole day (haha, okay so maybe that's not that impressive).
I'm just going to make this post about my favourites out of the ones I've recently swatched. I've added heaps more to my swatches page too, so check that out!

Before I carry on, my husband wants me to tell you that you're all so nice! I showed him my last post about my endometriosis and he thinks you're all wonderful (and he's right!).
So thanks heaps, I'm so glad to be part of such a lovely online community!

Here are two gorgeous polishes from Daily Lacquer, which I adore! Daily Lacquer is a new Indie Brand by a fellow blogger who I really admire, so if you like the look of these show her some support and buy a couple!

Here I have A Study in Pink and Makoto.

Look at the cute bag and wrapping they came in!!

Adorable huh? You don't get that from your "big" brand polish - well I haven't anyway!

Here's A Study in Pink, which I loved so much that after all my swatching I re-applied this and wore it for the rest of the weekend! I did some black stripes over it too, which I'll post sometime soon. It only needs two coats which is pretty cool for a glittery polish. This is basically just my ideal glitter. I'm not a huge fan of clear glitter polishes as it's hard to do nail art over them, but this is perfect!

This is my first glitter polish of it's sort, and these two are my first ever Indie polishes!
I layered Makoto over a few different colours to see which combination I liked best. I decided that the middle photo was my favourite - what's yours? 

Makoto over Plum Baby by Revlon

Makoto over Wicked Style by China Glaze

Makoto over No Shrinking Violet by Revlon
 So yeah, I fully recommend both of those polishes and I'm sure to buy from Maggy at Daily Laquer again!

Now for my other recent favourites! I'll just show the picture and name them in the caption, as I have a review for them all up on my swatches page.

No Shrinking Violet - Revlon
Wicked Style - China Glaze

Temptress - Revlon
Harvest Moon - China Glaze
 Pretty colours eh? Tomorrow I'm going to be having a guest post from my friend Anjali!


  1. Mmm I love Wicked Style. Looks like such a delicious, juicy pink!

  2. A study in pink is lovely, reminds me of snow fairy from Lush

  3. Absolutely beautiful, love those glitter polishes! I think the second one looks amazing over No Shrinking Violet. What an amazing colour that is by itself too. Wonderful post. :)

    1. I've seen it look nice over black too, it must work with dark colours! Thanks!

  4. adorable packaging! :) those are really pretty!

  5. Wow pretty swatches! What an exciting package to get in the mail! I can't wait to buy some polishes (I haven't bought any indie polishes yet but I can't wait to!). I love both of these colours SO MUCH!

    1. Yeah I really like buying Indie polishes, I've decided! I so want to make my own brand one day... *dreams.* Thanks!

  6. A Study In Pink is really pretty!

  7. I love that Revlon Temptress bubblegum pink! It is so pretty!

    1. It's so gorgeous eh? It's actually my sisters, but I want it so bad!

  8. I love these swatches of my polish!! Did you post it on my FB?? :)

    1. Nope, but I tagged you in one of the posts! I'll post it now :)


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