Nail art for short nails #2: Guitar Hero Nails

Today's tutorial looks easy but I actually had a lot of trouble with it! I think it didn't help that a lot of the nail polish I was using wasn't very good and wouldn't do what I wanted.

Here's the tutorial I did for them. Lots of words, sorry! I should've probably taken more photos along way but I got distracted. I can't WAIT to get a video camera and do video tutorials, I think those will be a lot better at explaining how to do it. Hopefully I'll re-do some of these tutorials.

These were originally done by The Nailasaurus, one of the 'big' nail artists who I really admire. Hers are much better than mine though, check them out HERE! 

Remember to click on the picture to see it better!
GRR. Just noticed that in step four I wrote "it" instead of "is." I always do that!!

So... I have some exciting news! Nothing's official yet, but I got an email from a really cool NZ website inviting me to blog for them! I don't think it's paid or anything, but it'll be great to get my name out there plus get a bit of a portfolio going! I've just finished a media studies degree (bar one paper), so this is the kind of industry I want to go into :). I won't name the site at the moment, but I'm hoping it all works out!

Also, I can't wait for all my mail to come! I have some nail polish from Tip Top (South Africa) on the way to review, five polishes I ordered off Head2Toe and two Indie polishes from Daily Lacquer! I can't WAIT!

Hope everyone's having a good day - I am, exams are OVER!


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