Friday, 30 November 2012

Born Pretty Store review - stamping polishes

Born Pretty Store is an online store that I have bought nail art products off about 10 times now. It's just so cheap and awesome and cheap! I've done a review for them before but I recently received some more of their products to do another review on. I chose five stamping polishes, which you can find here. 
The official name for this is "5 Specialize Nail Art Polish Image Stamp Varnish Paint," which is a bit of a mouthful so I'm just going to call them stamping polishes.

Here's the mani I ended up with!

I have got to say that I was really impressed with these stamping polishes. I'm really not a very talented stamper - I tend to just stick to hand-painted designs, as normally my stamps end up looking very average. I tend to just get frustrated as I try to make the stamp opaque enough by trying 50 million different polishes. These are my first nail polishes that were specficially designed with stamping in mind and jeez, you can tell the difference!

Three new nail art designs!

Eeee it's December tomorrow and it's going to be the busiest blog month ever! Plus I might be having surgery the week before Christmas :o. In order to get things going, I'm posting three different designs today that I've been meaning to post for a while.

Someone requested French tipped nails on my Tumblr a while ago and I've taken AGES to get around to them. So if that person's reading this, sorry! I decided to make them colourful instead of natural, as I don't really have any good French manicure polishes. Here's what I came up with! I tried a kind-of ombre effect, as you can see in the second photo.

This next photo was another one requested through Tumblr, but I did it quite awhile ago and have already published it on there. The person who requested this just wanted "Anna" and a tennis ball - I'm not sure if it was some sort of Anna Kournikova thing or that just happened to be the girl's name. Either way, here are the nails...

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Review of Ozotic Scatter 910

I have the most gorgeous polish to show you today! A couple of months ago I fell in love with the golden chrome colour, after seeing it in this post. Unfortunately I never got around to buying a nail polish in that shade, but I've been lucky enough to be sent a polish from Picture Polish that is even better!
It's a gorgeous gold holographic shimmer that looks different depending on the lighting.

Here it is in sunlight:

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Guest post from Ooooo Shiny - Neapolitan ice cream inspired nails!

Moana from Ooooo Shiny is guest posting on Nailed it NZ today! It's a good thing, too, as I have NOT done any study and I really need to catch up! I think this mani she's done is so adorable!

Hi there! My name is Moana, I'm 28 and I live in beautiful Montreal in Quebec, Canada. I have a nail art blog called Ooooo Shiny! and I've always been a big fan of Jessie! I'm honoured to be doing a guest post for her today.

This nail art was inspired by neapolitan ice cream! You know, the delicious mix of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry? I know, I know, usually there's only vanilla and strawberry left because everyone eats the chocolate and leaves the rest.

This ended up being an Essie party - every single nail polish I used for this nail art is by Essie. More info about that at the bottom of the post.

Jessie here again - just saying that Moana has a nail art competition running at the moment that has an amazing theme AND the first 50 entries get a prize! Whaaaa? There's a link to it at the bottom of this post :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #7 - Tribal nails

This is the third time I've done tribal nails, the other two designs are HERE and *cringe* HERE. I think I like the last ones I did better than these, but I'm still pretty happy with them. Because it's November aka tutorial time, I also did a tutorial for them. So uh , here it is.

Like the background? Haha I was like screw this, *line line line line line.* At least it fits with the theme a bit. 

Important Take Two Update!

We had to change the link up thing for Take Two, as it turns out you need a paid subscription to keep it going for more than a month - I'm glad we set this up so early!
If you don't know what I'm talking about go HERE and HERE.

Thankfully Shannon from Somewhere over the Polished Rainbow jumped in and saved the day so now we have thumbnails again! So you should all go follow her if you aren't already because she's awesome! This means that if you want to be seen by others doing Take two, you'll have to sign up here again, sorry.

This is so all of us nail bloggers can see who is participating, get to know each other, find new followers and new ideas etc.

With Take Two, you can do all of the challenges or only the ones you want.
Whatever ones you do, make sure you add your name to the link list of the day! From what I understand, if you put this code in the HTML section of your blog it'll show up the same as it does here. This means you can sign up from your own page and have the links to everyone else's designs right in front of you!

<!-- start InLinkz script -->
<script type="text/javascript">
                document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src=' + new Date().getTime() + '"><\/script>');</script>
<!-- end InLinkz script -->

Hope this all makes sense and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the designs!!

You can sign up here :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #6: Cupcake Nails

I'm pretty proud of myself right now. I just spent aaaages making two tutorials and I'm happy with how they turned out. Lets just forget the fact that my bum's sore from sitting down too long and all I've eaten today is some pikelets and it's 4.30pm. OH WAIT no, I had a sandwich. It's okay then.

I'm only posting one tutorial today, but I'll schedule the next one for tomorrow. 
So, introducing my cupcake nail art tutorial! Isn't it cute? I have a lot of teenagers that like my facebook page, so I think they'll like this.

And look at all the pretty butterflies!!

By the way, if you're doing Take Two in December and the linky thing disappeared, don't freak out. Well, maybe you can a little because it's not fixed yet but we're trying to make it work. I'll probably just end up paying for the service, unless anyone has a better idea??

I'm just gonna keep rambling on inbetween these photos. Normally I'd explain how I did it, but the tutorial kind of did that so I'm out of a job. I do like my cupcakes though, they're adorable :).

Friday, 23 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #5 - Striped nails

Finally managed to get another tutorial done - the photos for it have been sitting in my photos folder for ages! I haven't even been that busy... I'm looking forward to my tutorial month being over, to be honest. I really want to do some really crazy, detailed nail art, but I'm dedicating my time to these things! Stripes are fun and all, but too quick. Yes, I'm obsessed, and loving it ;).

If you're looking for a Christmas tree nail art tutorial, I have two; HERE and HERE.

As you can see, I did two examples of these nails. One's good as Christmas nail art, the other as everyday nail art. Because every day is a nail art day in Jessie-land.

So yeah, here's some photos of them - the middle finger in these ones is a bit screwed up unfortunately. I normally make that the tutorial finger but it just wasn't working for me, so I made the ring finger the star this time.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Guest post from L&P to English Tea - lots of nail art!

Introducing my guest blogger for today, Anjali! I've known her since the beginning of time, honest. She has FIVE awesome nail art designs to show you!

Hey everyone! I’m Anjali and I blog over at From L&P to English Tea. I’m super excited to be here today at Nailed It NZ. Jessie and I have been friends forever…well, for nearly 15 years and that’s pretty much forever!! Just a quick ‘who am I:’ I'm a proud Kiwi but I live in England at the moment and will probably here another year. I blog about my time in a new country, as well as (and perhaps mostly) music, photography, art, a whole lot of D.I.Y, a concerning obsession to Harry Potter and, of course, nail art! Which is why I’m here today!

Today I'm going to show you guys 5 of my favourite nail at designs that I've done this year, but before I do, I just want to say that my technique and tidiness is none existent and please please please ignore the state of my fingers in these photos – I've got quite dry hands (because of my hatred of hand cream, I'm sure) and also have quite bad Eczema that occasionally flares up.

Anyway! Moving on! Although I've always loved doing my nails, and was really excited to come to the realization after I left school 4 years ago that I could paint my nails a lot more – University didn't care about the state of my fingers! Hazaa! But this year I've got into it a lot more, and have enjoyed trying new crazy designs and also trying things that are more detailed. Today, I thought I’d just show you my Top 5 favourite from this year’s lot, and a little about them!

#5 Piano Key Nails: I love these. Sure the lines are wonky because I didn't have a striper brush back then, but they still got some comments. I love playing the piano/keyboard, and I kind of wanted to paint the keys of my piano bright happy colours. But alas. I could only paint them on my mini canvases here.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Swatches overload, including two from Daily Lacquer!

Wow wow wow. I don't swatch that often, but apparently when I do, I go crazy. I spent a good two hours in the weekend just putting on new nail polish then taking it straight off. This isn't me at all, normally nail polish stays on for a whole day (haha, okay so maybe that's not that impressive).
I'm just going to make this post about my favourites out of the ones I've recently swatched. I've added heaps more to my swatches page too, so check that out!

Before I carry on, my husband wants me to tell you that you're all so nice! I showed him my last post about my endometriosis and he thinks you're all wonderful (and he's right!).
So thanks heaps, I'm so glad to be part of such a lovely online community!

Here are two gorgeous polishes from Daily Lacquer, which I adore! Daily Lacquer is a new Indie Brand by a fellow blogger who I really admire, so if you like the look of these show her some support and buy a couple!

Here I have A Study in Pink and Makoto.

Look at the cute bag and wrapping they came in!!

Adorable huh? You don't get that from your "big" brand polish - well I haven't anyway!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Endometriosis nail art + my story

Note: There are updates at the bottom of this post!

To be honest, I wish I wasn't writing this post. It's for Ooooo Shiny's nail art contest, where the idea is to "design a socially engaged manicure that supports a cause and raises awareness about an issue that you care about." I wish I didn't have something to write about; I wish I didn't have this problem.
It's harder, but more personal and therefore I think more important for me to do my blog post about Endometriosis.

By the way - I'm totally going to be kicked out of google adsense for writing this post. It'll include a couple of words that they'll probably pick up as "adult content" *rolls eyes.*

First, here are my nails I designed for the contest. Nothing too fancy - I didn't really want to take away from the content of this post.

I'll be taking a lot of information and quotes from the book Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain by Dr Susan Evans and Deborah Bush, a really informative and easy-to-read book that I got when I met with Deborah a little while ago. You can buy it HERE. I figured it'd be better to get information directly from a knowledgeable source than regurgitate what I know - just in case I misconstrue some facts.

What is endometriosis?

Evans and Bush describe it as "a condition where bits of tissue like the lining of the uterus, are found in places outside the uterus where they shouldn't be. Areas of endometriosis are called lesions. Lesion is just a medical word for any area of abnormality. A mole on your skin, or a wart on your hand can also be called a lesion" (p.1). 
Sounds fairly simple, right? When Deborah talked to me about it, she compared it to when an eyelash falls into your eye - it's in the wrong place (even though it's so close to the right one!). Over time, the eyelash would cause redness, infection and pain, just like endometriosis does.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #4 - Christmas tree nails + Mosaic nails (both guest posts!)

I have heaps more tutorials here!

Wow, that was a long title.
Just letting you know about a couple of guest posts I've done recently on other blogs. Here I have my Christmas Tree nail art tutorial which is featuring on my friend Anjali's blog HERE. I did the same design in silver but on all my nails, so check out the post to see it!

Also, if you're from New Zealand don't forget to enter my nail art competition!

My next tutorial will be for the stripes that are on the rest on the nails :) 
Anjali also recently made a facebook page for her blog, you can find it here!

  The other guest post is on Nails like Lace and is showing this mosaic design! Can you see the little hearts on the ring finger and thumb? As you can see, these were done before my nails *tear* broke, although I have to admit that I'm getting used to my new shorter nails.

 I have got SO many new, awesome nail polishes lately and can't wait to show you! Hopefully tomorrow I'll do a big swatches post! And then I'll do a post with my Endometriosis nails and properly tell my story :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nail Art Competition - NZ only!

New Zealand Nail Art Competition!

My original giveaway winner has contacted me, and for reasons I explain here, this means I still have five China Glaze Polishes to give away!

Here they are!

They are, from left to right:
Make a Spectable
Purr-fect Plum
Bizarre Blurple
Cast a Spell

All are nail polishes I highly recommend and have myself - you can see swatches/reviews of them HERE.

Competition info:
  • The theme of this nail art competition is New Zealand. Use your imagination - All Blacks, NZ flag, a Kiwi, Marmite - whatever! 
  • Open to New Zealand residents only. This means fewer entries and a higher chance of winning, so if you're in NZ make sure you enter!
  • Winner will receive the five nail polishes seen above, sent by courier.
  • You can use whatever you want to do the nail art - polish, dotting tools, stamping, acrylic paint, etc.
  • Attach the picture of your design to an email and send it to
  • It MUST be your own design, on your own fingernails. I'll be checking up on this with google image search if I'm suspicious!
  • Feel free to email me the link if the picture is in a blog post, Tumblr or other similar site.
  • You can submit nail art you've already done, as long as it relates to the theme.
  • This competition will run until 11.59pm on the 20th December 2012 (New Zealand time).
  • I'll have my husband, friends and family judge the entries, not me - so there will be no bias!
  • You can enter as many times as you like!
If you have any questions or you think I've missed something, let me know in the comments!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Giveaway winner! + Good news for Kiwis!

Exciting!! My first giveaway just ended! Man I love Rafflecopter, it was so easy to find out who won. I checked and double checked that the winning entry was valid, and it was :).
Sooo... congrats Jenn! I've given her 48 hours to reply to my email before I draw it again. I think she'll reply though, she seems pretty internet-savvy. 

Sorry for everyone who didn't win - I wish you all could! I'm planning to have many more giveaways in the future!

Now, moving on to more good news...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #3 - Zig-Zag nails

This is featuring as a guest post on Nicole gets Nailed, so check it out HERE. It has heaps of tips for doing these nails (and nail art in general) as well! I'm just posting this so there's some continuity with the short nails posts on here, and so I can link my weheartit and Tumblr to my blog lol ;p.

 I've gotta say, I quite like these :)
Don't forget to check out my guest post on Nicole gets Nailed!

Guest post from Nicole Gets Nailed - Zig-Zags!

I just have to add in that OMG I LOVE THESE! Okay, here's the guest post:

Hiya everyone!!  It’s Nicole from Nicole gets Nailed here and I’m super excited to be Jessie’s guest poster for the day!  When Jessie suggested zig zags for our blog swap mani, I was a little hesitant, I haven’t tried this technique yet - straight lines intimidate the perfectionist in me.  Luckily Jessie put together an awesome tutorial which can be found on my blog here, so I was set!  Plus I’ve just nubbified my nails so it fits in perfect with Jessie’s nail art for nubbins she’s been doing lately. (I love that name for it! -Jess).

As I mentioned, straight lines intimidate me - I enjoy recreating things on my nails, and freehand 99.9% of my art, but straight lines don’t usually make an appearance - unless I use striping tape!  Using striping tape to create zig zags would take forever so I couldn’t use that to get super straight lines.  Next, I thought using those special scissors that cut zig zags and painters tape would work - not with cheap scissors and tape from Wally World it wouldn’t - and how would I line everything up and get multiple lines without draining my Seche Vite?  None of that panned out, so freehand it was and thank the stars that Jessie sent me her guest post WITH the tutorial before I attempted my zig zags!!!

Those of you that know me, know I love neon polishes - I’ve even appointed myself the President of the NSBWAYC (Neon Should be Worn All Year Club - our motto is Go Bright or Go Home), I love them so much!  I know it’s raining out and it gets dark at 4:00, but I’m defying the weather for as long as I can with my brightly neonified nails!  I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and I totally followed Jessie’s advice to not worry about my lines going wonky - I will definitely be practising this technique in the future!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my takeover of Jessie’s lovely blog - if you’re missing her too much, head on over to Nicole gets Nailed to see her beautifully bright zig zag nails and awesome tutorial and tips!

Holla, N

Thank you Nicole! I love these nails so much and I think I may have to try them myself sometime! And thanks for using my tutorial!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Guest post from Belle Couture Nails - Glitter Gradient!

Hi guysss. I’m Heather from Belle Couture Nails. I am ecstatic to be doing a guest post for Jessie! I decided I wanted to do a gradient design because let’s be honest... it’s pretty easy and is my favorite thing to do! Going through my nail polishes I wanted to come up with something that would be pretty for the holiday’s coming up and I narrowed down my options to Julep Oscar and OPI My Very First Knockwurst. I decided to use this OPI polish because she’s a new member of my collection and I couldn’t leave her out! I’m obsessed with Oscar. It’s a gorgeous gold glitter that adds pizazz to any manicure! I really love this combination and think it would be perfect for upcoming holidays!


Please, don’t mind the broken off middle nail. I almost cried when it broke! I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for guest posting on my blog, Heather! I love your glitter gradient, it's so ladylike! Don't forget to visit her blog HERE!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Slow internet, big post!

I am actually crazy for attempting this. My internet capped yesterday and now each page takes a good five minutes to load. I bet this won't even publish, or I'll be tearing my hair out by the time it finally does. But hey, I guess this is my version of living on the wild side, so here we go.

As you can see, these are not part of the whole short nail thing I'm doing at the moment. I've done another one but it's going to be a guest post on another blog (although I will post a brief version of it on here as well). I did these about a week ago- HA! While confirming that on the file I accidentally set the background to 13 tubs of yoghurt. That takes talent. 
Anyway, I just made these up as I went along and it ended up being a good excuse to compare nail art tools. Here are two photos - both were kind of the end result as I didn't add the musical notes until about a day later.

Omg it's taking so long to load. Broadband speed, come back, I miss you!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #2: Guitar Hero Nails

Today's tutorial looks easy but I actually had a lot of trouble with it! I think it didn't help that a lot of the nail polish I was using wasn't very good and wouldn't do what I wanted.

Here's the tutorial I did for them. Lots of words, sorry! I should've probably taken more photos along way but I got distracted. I can't WAIT to get a video camera and do video tutorials, I think those will be a lot better at explaining how to do it. Hopefully I'll re-do some of these tutorials.

These were originally done by The Nailasaurus, one of the 'big' nail artists who I really admire. Hers are much better than mine though, check them out HERE! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nail art for short nails #1: Mountain Nails

As I cut my nails the other day, I now have super short nails (for me). I decided this was a good opportunity to find some cool nail art designs for short nails - so here's the first! I'll be doing tutorials for all of the designs  I do :).
 I figure this will keep me busy throughout November and my nails will be a bit longer by the end of the month and ready to do Take Two.

I made this little tutorial sheet too. My third one like this now! Kind of cool, I reckon! I wasn't sure what to call them, but after asking on my facebook page "mountain nails" sounded about right, and better than "random zig-zag block mountain nails" like I was thinking.

That's it from me today - I have my last exam on Friday and really need to get more study done. And I'm in the middle of painting my next short nails design - they're going to be awesome!

Monday, 5 November 2012

My experience with nail foils :(

Nail Foils... Eurgh.
I heard about these ages ago, but had never tried them as I figured that I could paint on most of the designs by myself and have more control. Plus, not everything I had heard about them was great... 
However, Born Pretty Store had a 50% off sale on their foils - they were down to $2.50 US roughly, so I bought a set - after all, what could I lose? I chose the American flag because I figured it was quite a detailed design and if I hand-painted it on I wouldn't be able to draw the stars, they'd just end up being dots!

This is how it ended up. First impression - WOW! Second impression - YUCK! 
Question - who here has covered their school books in Duraseal? That sticky plastic film with designs on it? 
So you know how when you haven't put it on right you get the annoying creases everywhere? And then you spend the rest of the year trying to flatten them out with no success? As you can see, that's what this turned out like.

So annoying!! I am bearing in mind that this was my first attempt so it wasn't mean to be perfect but it was just so BAD! There were three things that were really terrible...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Why are tribal nails so awesome?

I just love these. I've only done Tribal nails once before and that was when I just started and they were shocking, such a mess and my nails were so short! You can see them here. I'm very proud of these though :) Haha, no modesty here at all. What do you think?

I started off planning to do Zig Zag nails for a guest post I'm doing soon, but then changed it to this. 
The colours I used were all Jordana ones! I'm back to loving that brand, despite that one bad experience I had with them.

Jordana - Black
Jordana - Contemporary White
Jordana - Blue Abstract
Jordana - Express in Yellow

Those last three were "pop art" nail design polishes, with a thin brush instead of thick. I ALWAYS use my Black Mark one, it's ridiculous. They get gluggy after a while but I just add a bit of thinner and they're okay. Easier than cleaning a normal nail art brush every time you go to change colours :) 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Splatter nails guest post from Julz Perri Nails!

Today I have another guest post from Julz Perri nails! She's been fantastic and organised this awesome little tutorial which I will definitely be trying out myself  - I've never done splatter nails before! 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Four Seasons nail art

This is featuring as a guest post on Cats'n'nails, but I wanted to post it on here too in case anyone missed it.
Just the one photo though - the description and explanation of how it was done is all on her blog!

Hope you like it!

Guest Post from Cats'n'nails - Four Seasons nail art!

Today I have a guest post from Natalia from Cats'n'nails to show you! I bought some awesome cheap nail polish off Natalia a while ago, she's really cool so make sure you check out her blog! She's also posting my own version of Four Seasons nails today - and while I'll do a quick post on here about it the bulk of the pictures and info will be on her blog.

I am so happy to be in NZ today! Love taking “virtual” vacations :). Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to visit our sister country, but it’s definitely in the works! (Note from Jess - same here! I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only Kiwis who hasn't been to Australia!).

For today’s design I have to thank Jess – she mentioned the idea of doing a 4 seasons mani, when we were ironing out the logistics of our guest posts. I though it would be a great fit for the blogging world – we are scattered all over the world (some of us upside down in Australia, others battling Sandy in the US) – and so for many the seasons don’t match.

I used four nails to create 4 separate designs – each representing one of the seasons.

A couple of things I want to mention first – each design I would wear as a full mani (having each nail be different is torture for my self-diagnosed OCD – LOL!) and the state of my cuticles is very sad at the moment (going through a transition to not cutting/picking – please be kind).