Union Jack nails AND my full nail polish collection!

I've always thought that the Union Jack looked awesome on nails! I've seen heaps of them on the net, especially while the Olympics were on. I was a bit more patriotic then, and did the New Zealand Flag on my nails as my 'support' ... although I'm not going to lie, I didn't end up watching a whole lot of it :/.

Anyway, I decided it was time to try them out. Here's the final result! Below I've got a tutorial, swatch of the blue and a photo of my ever-growing nail polish collection.

Right, so these were the polishes I used for this design. From left to right...
Jordana - Mardi Gras
Revlon - Powder Puff
Leiyu - Color 18
Jordana - Pop art - white

Here's Mardi Gras - isn't it beautiful? I absolutely love it. This was three coats, I think, but two coats were alright too. I'll add it as a swatch sometime this week.

 After painting on the blue, I grabbed my nail art polish by Jordana and painted on these lines. Pretty self-explanatory, really.

Then I just grabbed a striper brush and CAREFULLY painted the red on. While this isn't a particularly hard manicure, you've got to be careful when doing the red - don't want to go over the lines!

Then I tidied it up with some cotton buds and a brush and wah-lah!

I didn't put a top coat on this hand. I tried it out on the right hand but the red was one of those awful polishes that dry but still smear the colour everywhere if you put a top coat on. It made my right hand look very unprofessional and yuck, so I just didn't do it for my left hand.

I've also seen this design done with glitters - I think that was the Nailasaurus? It looks amazing!! I'd like to try it out some day.

And, here is my beautiful collection! Last time I counted I think I had 120, and to be honest at 155 I'm quite impressed with myself. I thought it would be 200 by now! A good 100 of these are $2 shop polish that I barely use, but can't stand giving away :P.

And that's it! Time for bed and a whole new week at uni!


  1. These are really well done. I am impressed that you did these freehand, that takes such patience.

    I love union jack nails too.

    That stash looks like fun!


    1. Thank you! I usually do my designs freehand, but if I'm feeling lazy or have some new plates I'll do stamping.

  2. Cool! these look awesome!! :D

    And that is a LOT of nail polish!!

  3. Aw Ive been wanting to do Unions Jacks!...Yours look so good!

  4. Your Union Jacks look amazing!! You have a great stash too =)

  5. Holy freehand batman!! These turned out amazing!! I love the union jack, although all those straight lines would be the death of my mani!! Thanks!

  6. Wonderful Union Jack!! This looks so difficult! Beautiful job lady! <3

  7. They look great! :)
    I don't know why but I was expecting you to have so much more nail polishes ;)

    1. I wish! I'm still early in my nail polish obsession though... plenty more to come :P

  8. Great job! I love doing and seeing Union Jack nails for some reason :P

    1. They always seem to look cool, don't they? Thanks!


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