Three random designs I've had stored away...

Update 30/10/12: WHY is this getting so many views? It's gotten 250 in the last week, and that's a lot for me! Where are you people coming from? Not complaining though!

Normally I like to only post one nail art design per entry, so I can see for sure which ones are more popular. 
BUT I don't love any of these ones that much, plus my folders are getting a bit full, so here are three designs I've done in the last month but haven't made it on here

Purple, silver, black, stripy, zig-zag nails. Good name eh?

These ones I apparently did a month ago, and are my favourite out of the three. I like the design and that, I just didn't like the photos that much, which is why they're only going up now.
Hmmm... if I remember correctly I used Revlon's Royal Cloak, a 4me silver and my Jordana striper polish.

Stamped Stones

These ones I did a couple of weeks ago with a Bundle monster plate. I'm not sure which one, sorry, but I'll check "the draw" later and hopefully update this. The pattern reminds me a lot of stones!
I assume I used Jordana - Black, and Revlon - Golden Charm.

I didn't post these ones at the time as they're quite plain and I didn't like how the stamping came out that much. Buuuut they're okay.

Simple Summer 

I did this the same day I got my new China Glaze polishes - so just over a week ago. I decided to do an easy pattern - so re-did these nails. But they were cooler the first time, plus it's still kind of cold here and these bright summery nails didn't seem quite right!

I used Jordana - Orangsicle, Jordana - Sweet Orange and China Glaze - Sunshine Pop.
I think, anyway!

 What do you think of these patterns? What one's your favourite?


  1. My fav is the first design - very nice))

  2. I love the stones would look cute with a blue back ground grey stones!

    Jazz x

    1. Oh that's a really good idea - and I have the perfect grey for it!

  3. I love the last design, bright and pretty :)

    1. Thanks! It seems to be the most popular one on weheartit!

  4. I love the last design, it's so pretty and bright! :)


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