Taylor Swift Nail Art- "We are never ever getting back together" music video!

I had SO much fun planning and doing these! I was meant to do Taylor Swift nails on the 22nd, when her new album is released, but I found a competition where you do your nails after a music video, so I'm doing it early. I might do another Taylor theme anyway, because I think she's just THAT awesome. I mean, she has at least one song that everyone can relate to. The one I can relate to most is "Mine," but my favourite songs are "Long Live" and "Eyes Open." And every other one she's even sung and/or written.
So yeah, I have a bit of a girl-crush on Taylor Swift.

These nails might look a bit random if you haven't seen the music video, so I advise you check that out here:

The first time I watched it I was like, whaat?? Weirdest clip ever. But it grew on me as I learnt more about the album and now I think it's pretty cool. Not as cool as the video clip for "Mine" - I couldn't love that one more!

I didn't do a tutorial for these, but I took a photo of the stuff I got out for it and took a couple of photos along the way.

This is all the stuff I got out to make these, lol. I didn't use all of it in the end, as I wasn't sure what colours etc would be best. For example, I started using my M Eizilan dotting pen/striper for the white dots but they were too small and didn't really work. I mixed a lot of colours too, like for the leaves.

Here are the nail polishes I ended up using:

Soft White
Contemporary White 
Black mark
Tender Coral
Mint Candy
Sweet Orange
Quick Dry Topcoat

You don't know Jacques!
Suzi loves Cowboys
Play the Peonies

Heavy Duty Hardener

Color F01
Color 119
Color 98
Color ? (sticker is gone, but it's a green)

And a random no-name nail art striper polish.

Okay, eek that was a lot after all. Here's another picture to break up the writing :p.

I chose five different parts from the song/album to paint on my nails. 

I painted "Red" on my pinky, which is the name of her new album. The green leaves were from the wallpaper in the kitchen, and the minnie-mouse-like dotty pattern were from her top she was wearing. You can see a pic of those here. My middle finger's pattern came from her pyjamas that she wears for most of the video. They're SO CUTE! It was hard to see them properly, so I hunted around until I found this site, which sells the material (omg!!) and had a good picture.
My thumb looks just like Russell Brand, if you ask me. And while he is a rather sexy and slightly homeless-looking skinny celebrity, I was actually painting one of the "animals" that feature in the video. Specifically, this  one. Isn't he adorable?!

Here are the photos I took along the way... Pre-clean-up, obviously.

I did this on my right hand too, here's a picture to prove it! They didn't even fail too badly. I know of some nail artists who don't like to paint a complicated design with their "wrong" hand, but I think it just helps you get better. I couldn't have done this a few months ago! While I'm far from ambidextrous, I'm definitely getting better.

One last photo of my left hand! I think the leaves, squirrels and dots would all be pretty cool individually as nail patterns. If I remember, I'll try it sometime.

So yeah, that's what I did this afternoon instead of doing my essay. Much more fun! Hope you like my tribute to Taylor Swift's new song!


  1. Awesome mani! I love Taylor too!

  2. I love the 'animal!' So awesome and I've seen the video a few times and they match so perfectly!

    Jazz x

  3. I love Taylor! My new favorite manicure! :D

  4. Great. now I have this song in my head!! These are so super cute and I love the video, it makes me want to be her friend in real life - so random and weird, but, eh, that's me :)

    1. Haha yeah same, I get it in my head every time I get an email about or see this post. I agree, I would LOVE to know her personally! Lucky people who knew her before she was famous.

  5. So perfect! These are awesome, love Taylor!

  6. Omg your right hand looks amazing!! This is a gorgeous manicure, I love the squirrel print nail! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy some of that fabric now haha! x

    1. Thanks! I love the fabric too, it's be awesome to have the same pjs as her!

  7. This is awesome! I'm not a Taylor fan but I love when people do song or musical artist that they like a lot nails.

    1. Thanks! ... and you're not a Taylor fan *yet* - she'll win you over, I hope! ;p


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