Daisy Nails Tutorial

Next up on my massively long list is Daisy Nails + tutorial, so here they are! I'm actually quite happy with this little tutorial. Obviously it isn't as nice as the gorgeous ones Chalkboard Nails and other 'big' nail bloggers do, but I think it looks better than my last one.

I'm just going to add some notes in this post about these nails that I couldn't fit in the picture above.

Firstly, this was most of what I used. 
Jordana - White
Jordana - Quick Dry Topcoat
China Glaze - Sunshine Pop
Jordana - Calcium Boost Basecoat
Ccuk - Midnight Blue

I also used cotton buds and a little angled brush to clean up with, plus a stiper brush and dotting tool. I actually didn't end up using the striper brush that's in this picture - it's a bit pointy at the end and doesn't work as well for this kind of mani.

This is the colour I painted my nails - isn't it pretty? I've done this mani twice before, see here and here. So I wanted a different background colour this time, and ended up with Midnight Blue. I realised half way through, however, that it makes it look like daisies at night time... and at night daisies close up their petals (at least the lawn daisies!). So it's not quite correct, but blaaaah who cares.

In step two, I say that you can draw them by doing lines in opposite directions. I realised this halfway through, and ended up doing my left hand this way just to compare. This is easier, really, especially if you're just starting nail art. Just do it like your drawing a star (hopefully you know what I mean!).

So yeah, here are some pictures of the final look. I think it's a pretty cute design!

And this is the mess I made doing them lol. Just thought I'd add in a photo of it for once :).

Here's my big long list of ideas that people gave me on my facebook page! They won't be in that exact order - I'll try to do Halloween and trick or treat nails around the 31st, Taylor Swift ones on the 22nd (new album) etc. But most of them will be roughly in that order. Oh wait, "J&C" and "Duncan" are about my husband and me, and my cat lol, so they'll be some of the last ones to do after I get the requests done.

Done! Hope you like my daisy tutorial!

HA! I just realised that the nails in the tutorial aren't all facing the same way *facepalm*


  1. Yess I love tutorials! Your designs are awesome so keep em coming!! :)

  2. Love the tutorial and that design is super cute! Thanks!

  3. OMG, this is super cute and it looks like it can be done by nail art beginners like me, too. :D

  4. So cute I love daisies!

    Jazz x

  5. lovely manicure, love the daisies :D

  6. Great tutorial!! I'll have to bookmark this to try in the future :]

  7. very cute tutorial. i'm loving the nails!


  8. I really liked your tutorial so easy to do. Great job n looks awesome

  9. I love this tutorial!! What a great job, hon!! <3

  10. Amazing tutorial , simple and lovely !


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