Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones kit review!

I always thought that 3D nail art was kind of tacky, and couldn't possibly ever look nice. But after this and my previous studded mani I am changing my mind! 

Born Pretty Store was awesome and let me choose something from their online store to review. I've already bought quite a bit from them in the past few months and liked it, so I was super keen! I decided to go for something a little different - rhinestones!

*Note* The exact kit I reviewed has been discontinued by BPS, so I have replaced the links with a similar (better!) one. There are a few extra things in the new kit, check it out here.

And omg, there are a million of them. Possibly a billion. Okay, maybe not that much, but there are A LOT.

 Here's the first nail art design I've done with them.

I love it! I'll do a pros and cons list and a mini-tutorial later in this post. 

Before that though, here's a picture of all the stuff I got. As you can see, there are round, star-shaped and heart-shaped rhinestones, in heaps of different colours. I think they'll last me a while! 
The set came with those tweezers things and two tubes of nail glue. I didn't find the nail glue very useful I must say. The tweezers are pretty cool though, very sturdy, they feel like good quality. They're good for getting the pieces out of the container, but I used an orange stick dipped in clear polish to put the pieces on my nails. Easier to control.

Here's a better picture of them all individually. Click on the photo for a better look!

Here's how I did these nails:
First, I painted my nails this pretty colour - Turned up Turquoise by China Glaze. It's a new one of mine and I love it!!

The next picture is fairly self explanatory, I think. I used my black Jordana striper polish, "Black Mark" - I'm pretty sure I use it in every nail design I do... I did a few lines from the tip of the nail, then carefully placed on the hearts. 

 To do this you need to dip the sharp side of the orange stick in clear nail polish (which needs to be dabbed on a bit on paper first) then use it as glue for where the rhinestone will go. Following? So you need some underneath every heart.
Put the heart on before the clear polish sets - do this by picking up the heart with the sharp end of the still-sticky orange stick and carefully placing it on. You can rearrange it a bit when it's on there, but it's a bit of a pain, so try to put it in the right direction straight away. Then add a top coat or two to seal it all in. That's it!

 More photos! I think this would look cool with a different colour theme on each nail. Like a red background and white heart-flowers on one nail, then a green background and blue heart-flowers on the next and so on.

 So, my final word for these rhinestones.

  • Great value for money. $12.24 US for all of it and if you use my discount code that's in the sidebar you can get 10% off.
  • Pretty easy to use. Once you get the hang of it it's way easier than drawing on hearts!
  • It looks AWESOME! So unique and professional!
  • A huge variety - you're not stuck with just one colour, it's limitless as to what you can do with it.
  • Takes a while to arrive - but I guess it depends where you live and what day of the week you order it on.
  • Nail glue not very easy to use.

I was going to add this into the cons... but I don't really think it's fair, as it was probably my fault. 
I did these last night, and this morning as I was putting on my socks one of the hearts chipped off, which was a bit sad. I think this could have been because I only did one top coat though - if I did two or three I think it would have cemented them on a bit more. I did that with my studded mani and that stayed on for agggges!
So take this last part with a grain of salt, or however the saying goes :p.

And so concludes my first actual review! I hope you liked it, and I would definitely recommend this product. Or anything from there really. Oh, did I mention free shipping? That's the biggest reason I shop there, to be honest. Shipping costs from $20-$60 from other shops for a few things for me, it is RIDICULOUS. 

If you want the link to these rhinestones, it's here.

And here's my 10% off code. Feel free to use it! They'll host a giveaway on here for you guys if it's used 10 times! There's a box you can put it in when you're checking out - let me know if you need help finding it :)

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store*


  1. These look great! I think 3D nail art starts falling into the tacky range when there's soooooooo may things going on on the nail. And you almost sometimes wonder how the person can get stuff done.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I prefer to just paint it on instead, but a small amount of it is okay :)

  2. Aww I love this!! I'm a new subscriber!! Hope you can check out my nail art blog :)

  3. Oh wow this is so gorgeous! I love the way you made them look like flowers! very goood!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks! I think there's a stamping plate that has a similar design - I don't know what one though. That kind of gave me the idea I think.

  4. I love the design you made with these! So cute!

  5. these look awesome! and that does seem like a really good price for the lot...
    I was wondering if you could provide a little more description about what else is in the set. I'm thinking of buying it but was wondering what the colours are and like how many of each... (obviously a lot).
    is each circle tray a different shape? (they all look really sparkly in the picture, are they?) perhaps you could post a closer picture of each tray?
    sorry to bombard you with questions...
    I've already made one purchase with your voucher! (but there's always room for more!!!)

    1. It is!
      The photos are pretty accurate colour-wise, but they're a bit more sparkly in real life. I don't know exactly how many rhinestones there are... a lot. I think it varies, there looks to be more round ones than hearts, for example. They're not going to run out any time soon, I'll tell you that lol. I do have a close up picture of each tray - did you see that one? It's just below the picture of all three.
      Thanks for using my coupon!!

    2. oh yes, I see it now... I must have been too eager to read it all and scrolled through too fast!
      I love them! SOLD! :D
      thanks for the discount code too!

    3. Awesome! Hope you have fun with them!! And you're welcome!

  6. it is soooo cute!! It looks like chocolate!!

  7. whoah this is such a great idea! I have to cut my nails short soon so I think I will try this out!! ^.^

    1. This is long for my nails - I checked out your blog, wow you have REALLY long ones! My are tiny now :( And thanks!


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