Yellow leopard print - with glitter!

My mum bought me this cute yellow glitter from a dollar store - and it's amazing! It's Jordana's "Yellow Dazzle" and I just love it. It's surprising opaque - this was just two coats, maybe three (I can't remember, to be honest. But it wasn't a traumatic experience, promise). I hadn't done a leopard print in awhile, and while pretty much EVERYONE does this design it's still one of my favourites.

It was quite a quick manicure too - I must have improved since last time, as it only took about half an hour all up. If you want to check out my old ones click HERE.

After the Jordana yellow, I randomly dotted on a light yellow MIKI polish. Then I used a black striper polish (also by my new favourite, Jordana) to paint on the leopard print detail, which is actually pretty easy and quite forgiving to do.

Here are some more photos!

You'll have to excuse my weird-looking watermarks. I'm still trying to re-figure out photoshop...

I still have sooo many manicures I haven't posted yet - I might do a big multi-post next time.
On a different note, Uni starts again tomorrow - so if I don't sound like I'm in the greatest mood it's because I'm NOT :/.

Oh - and I lost my 'like' button by accident, so I'll try re-add it sometime soon.


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