Red and black Gingham nails

These are some nails I painted while I was away on holiday last week. I'd actually been meaning to do them for ages but another design always ended up taking it's place!

I got the idea for the pattern off my onesies - all-in-one pyjamas. My mum made them for me and they're so warm! I wanted to experiment first, to make sure I chose the right colours (I HATE re-doing the same nails), so I did this in my little nail art book. Pretty, huh? :P
It was the different blacks that I was trying out, and I ended up going with the first one, a black MIKI polish - that is now at that horrible stage where you can't reach the bottom third. So I'm not going to buy MIKI polish any more (well, probably) - they're so small and it doesn't take long to reach this point! So dumb, all nail polish companies should make longer brushes!

I actually preferred the right hand to left hand in this design - with the left hand I just used the brush that came with the bottle, but with the other hand I used a nail art brush. The nail art brush spread it thinner, which made it look like my pjs and not just random black-and-red criss-crosses.

 After I'd done the red and the stripes, I used a small brush do draw diagonal red lines on the parts where the lines didn't over-lap. And that's it! Pretty easy! The hardest part is just keeping the lines straight.

 Remember that if anyone tries these nails I would love to see them!


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