Modern/Circuit board nail art

Just a quick post today, as I'm off to bed soon after a few hours helping my Granddad unpack at his new house. Totally ruined one of my nails while doing so, opened a weird cabinet and jammed my finger... owwww! My finger still hurts 5 hours later.

My new nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store arrived today :) So far I love them - they seem a lot better quality than my old striper brushes, but I guess I'll see over time if they really are. Cheap either way, so can't lose.

Obviously, I did the stripes with my new brushes. Photos are a bit strange sorry, think it's a bit to dark to make them look any good, even with my new light. Same with me, actually. I think if I did this again I'd actually use my old brushes, because BPS ones are quite pointy at the end and it's hard to make the corners... does that make sense?

 Also, before I go Zzzz here's a gorgeous colour! Isn't it amazing? I bought it ages ago from a $2 shop, but never really bothered with it until a few weeks ago. And WOW. Amazing! It just... glows!
It's a CR polish, not sure what number but if you're wondering just ask. To be honest I just don't want to move away from the heater to go check... lazy, I know. I don't know how I'll make it to bed.

So tired... must sleep. But I'm going to remove all my polish first because my nails have had a painting overdose in the last week, and deserve a good dose of cuticle oil and moisturiser!

Oh, by the way that black I used it amazing. It's my new jordana one and best black I've had by far. One coat and it's done!


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