More stamping and a purple gradient!

EVERY TIME I've almost caught up with posting all my nail photos, I feel the need to paint my nails again! Those rainbow ones stayed on for three days - this is a pretty big accomplishment for those of us in the nail art world. Today I'm posting some nails I did last weekend AND a gradient I just did. Both are pretty cool, I'm-a thinking.

My nails are getting mega-long. Starting to freak me out a little, but they're so easy to paint... maybe I'll just file them down a bit next time I remove my polish. Which, by the way, I hate doing. I wish they could just clean themselves! 
Anyway, here we go...

These ones were really easy. Easier than almost everything I've posted before. Why? Stamping! I love it. 
To do this, I painted my nails that bronze-red colour (it's my sisters and I have no idea what brand, sorry) and then painted a stripe of silver through the middle of each nail. After waiting for them to dry I used BM-212 and stamped the pattern on! Easy peasy!

For this purple gradient I used Jordana's "Lavender Fields" and some purple shimmery one from MIKI. I actually grabbed the wrong MIKI one, but decided to go with it anyway, as I hadn't use that particular polish much before.

I painted my nails with Lavender fields (the lighter one), then sponged on a gradient. I'm pretty happy with the results! The photo below I set to quite a high contrast, as it shows the polish colour more accurately. Loving purple right now!

I have my first proper fan! My Aunty went over to a friends house the other day and noticed their pre-teen daughter had fancy nails. She said that her niece (me, me, pick me!) did nail art too - and when she mentioned Nailed it NZ the girl knew who I was and was super excited! This story made my life - I have a 12 year old fan who lives in a town of 579 people. But seriously - girl, if you read this, I love you.

I'm thinking about doing a give-away at some point. Obviously, I need something to give away first. I wish I was more popular so people would just send me stuff! I think I'll order some on ebay and then announce something when it gets here. Maybe once I hit X followers on here/tumblr/facebook etc I'll do a nail art competition or something. Okay, I have no idea. Anyone else got one?

Also, I have my like button back :D


  1. Omg that's an amazing story!

    That purple gradient is gorgeous btw, soo cute!


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