Zig-Zags and Stripes!

These are my current nails. I actually painted them yesterday, but was a bit too busy with essays and 21sts and family to post it. Plus it had only been a day since my last post.

This was my first time doing zig-zags, so I was a bit nervous. I had always thought zig-zags were only for those "awesome-amazing-look-I-have-10000-followers" bloggers, but after seeing a post on Mr Candiipant's blog I decided to give it a try.

I recently bought two new nail polishes and a nail pen off trademe - they are:
Maybelline Express Finish - Brilliant Sparkle
Rimmel Nail Polish - Green with Envy
Sally Hansen fast dry nail pen - Green Chrome.

I've used all of these now - Green with Envy is the green in this design and I did a couple of coats of Brilliant Sparkle over white as the background colour too. But ugh, I do NOT recommend any of those Sally Hansen pens. I have both sorts now - one of the brush ones and one with a tip and they're both super average. The brush one is basically just nail polish in a longer bottle, and the tip one... well, little brushes are way easier to work with and aren't as much of a pain.

Anyway, for this design I also used my black Jordana stiper polish (when do I NOT use that?) and a striper brush. I was pretty happy with how the zig-zags turned out! My right hand wasn't as good - thumb was fine but my ring finger... oh dear. I'll have to work on that.

I've done some much more arty manicures in the last couple of weeks, but in all honestly I like this one more.  It stands out enough but not too much, dried very fast, and only took an hour to do.
But don't worry, I'll do something crazy again soon enough!


  1. Very cool!! Love the colours!

    1. Thanks, the green is my favourite - it's just amazing!

  2. Those zig zags look awesome! I have tried so hard to follow her tutorial and I am zig zag challenged. I finally bought a pair of pinking shears yesterday so now I can cut them out of tape! Yours look awesome though, I need to keep practicing the free hand version they are so much more versatile....nice work!!

    1. A big part is having the right brush - what kind do you have? That's a cool idea though! I just ordered some striping tape and wish it would hurry up and arrive. Thank you! Also, I enjoy your comments, they're always more detailed and interesting than the average one and I look forward to them :)

  3. Really good job on your stripes! I love all the colors! <3

  4. Wow, gorgeous! The blue is so pretty too :3


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