Vintage rose pattern - tattooed!

I'm quite excited about these nails. For a start they were purely my design AND I used temporary tattoos for the first time! I wanted to mix it up a bit and do some other designs too, and this is what I came up with.

Here's what I used:
China Glaze: Fast Track (which went over...)
Jordana: Soft White
OPI: Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
Jordana striper brushes: black and white

Oops, that grey in the photo I didn't end up using. So just ignore that. Annnd I used a dotting tool for the black dots. I kept adding things as I went along with this, and now it looks quite busy. I still like it though, even if the lines aren't very straight and the dots are a bit special.

Oh and before I carry on, I have a tumblr! So if you have one of them, check me out at

I was planning on making a tutorial for this designs, but my camera battery died after the first photo :(. So I'll do a tattoo design again sometime soon and take LOTS of photos!

You know what I hate? How different lights completely change the look of your photos. All the photos in this post are taken with the same camera (and are unedited) and look how different they are!

This one was taken in my bathroom - hey don't judge, the rest of my house has horrible yellow lighting!

This one was outside in the shade.

And this one was outside in the sun.

I don't really know what photo I like best... but I'll definitely be doing this again, it was heaps of fun and much easier!