There's a party on my nails!

I've seen a lot of these nails around lately, and decided I'd give it a try. However, I wanted to make it a little different - my own style. This was a really fun mani to do, and really cute!
Here's the end result - but I must say, I like the photo of my nails pre-sparkle better, but they look better with sparkle in real life!

As you can see, I decided to use the colours of the rainbow. I ended up using one acrylic paint (red), because I didn't want to waste any of my quickly-emptying Nutrimetics Ruby Rose! It's honestly one of my favourite polishes, one easy coat and you're done. Anyway, I also used:
White: Jordana - White
Orange: Jordana - Orangesicle
Yellow: LA Colors - Pineapple
Green: CR - 119
Blue: CR - 93
Purple: Mode - Party Crasher
Glitter coat: China Glaze - Luxe and Lush

At the end of this entry I'm finally posting a few swatches of some GORGEOUS colours I recently bought. Hope you like them!

Okay, so to do these nails I just used a dotting tool. Actually, all five of my dotting tools because a) I'm too lazy to clean just one after each colour and b) I thought different sized dots would be cool. As you can see, I did it all over a coat of white.

I was going to leave it here, but I saw my pretty new "Luxe and Lush" sitting there all lonely and felt sorry for it. Plus I realised that if I applied a glitter coat I would probably keep my polish on for longer, as I HATE taking off glitter nail polish! So here you go.

I actually did two coats, and I like the way it turned out. Reminds me of the birthday parties I had as a kid, lots of balloons and glitter. As I said before, it looks better in person, but... oh well. I thought I'd be a cool kid and hold something bright, so that's my phone in it's super-cool bright orange mesh case. I think it's awesome, plus I never lose it anymore!

More photos... yeah sorry, I've added heaps in this entry!

Sweet, so here are my recent swatches! You can see these and other swatches if you click my "swatches" tab at the top of the page. Or don't. I have serious trouble rearranging them to look nice, so they uh, don't.

This is Revlon's Emerald City. If I ever stop doing nail art, THIS is all I will ever wear. It is seriously cool. Easy to apply, beautiful and it has a matte finish, which I love!

This one I was really excited about arriving, and the two weeks it took to get here felt like a million years! It's called Marry a Millionaire and is by China Glaze. Yes, it's amazing. I'm going to wear it over a purple from now on, though, as it took about four coats to get it looking like this.

And here is Revlon's Royal Cloak. Another nail polish that I think is amazing - and I'm not sure if you can see, but it has little bits of actual glitter in it - not just the usual shimmer. I particularly noticed this when I tried to take it off, lol. But seriously, it's great. 

I have a few more polishes that need swatching... maybe one day, I have way too much on at the moment!


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