Pink Roses - nail stamping

I'm going to be using jump breaks now in my posts - I'll post a picture of the finished nails at the beginning and if you want to read the rest of the post just click the link at the bottom of the post.

I decided to play around with nail stamping again. I just bought 25 bundle monster nail plates for just $30! Considering konad stamping plates are around $20 each, this is an amazing deal. The ones in that link aren't my ones, but they'll be the same or similar. I can't wait for them to arrive!

Last week I found a shop in my town that was selling Revlon nail polish for $3.49 (NZD). They're normally $16.50 in shops, so I was pretty excited! Unfortunately they had very limited colours and only sheer ones, but the ones I got were still beautiful. I ended up getting HEAPS of nail stuff for $20 - see!

I painted my nails with a Jordana nail polish - soft white. I then used plate BM-323 and stamped the rose pattern on.

I was going to leave it there, but then remembered my new pink one - grapefruit fizz. I did two coats and now it looks so cute and girly! These photos are quite different, sorry. Different location and different camera.

And just because they're cute, here's a photo of my guinea pigs :)


  1. I can't wait til my BM plates arrive. Fingers crossed for Monday delivery!
    You paid $20 for Konad plates?! MADNESS!
    I get mine from!__nailartsupplies , it's an Aussie site so they work out to around $10NZD per plate. You get free shipping if you spend $15AUD on just plates too! I mean, I know it's still fairly pricey but it's a better option if you want the Konads. Plus the shipping from Australia is faster than things I've ordered from the States.
    Because everyone knows that waiting for deliveries is the worst part about living in the butthole-middle-of-nowhere. AKA New Zealand ;)
    You got a pretty sweet little nail haul. Now I'm curious about where you live because I never find Revlon polishes that cheap >_<
    Your little piggies are soooo cute! ^_^
    -Del xx

    1. Oh no, I didn't pay that much for them! I don't have any Konad plates, that's just how much I've seen them going for. But thanks for the site! If I end up trying out konad I'll check it out :)
      Haha, yeah I hate waiting for overseas products (especially US). Two weeks normally :/, and by then I'm freaking out that they've gone missing.
      Thank you! I'm in the Manawatu... I won't say exact town but that narrows it down. I think the sale's finished now though anyway, I went in there the day before it started but it had already been priced down - I think I got first pickings! But three days later I went back and there was barely anything left.
      And thanks, I love my little squeakers!

  2. I adore those flowers! I saw someone else use that plate and now seeing both of your designs, I am really excited for my plates to come! thanks for the pics :)

    1. Yeah, this is my favourite plate so far, the roses are so pretty! :) You're welcome!


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