New Zealand Flag - Olympic nails

My friend alerted me to the fact that my nails had been shared with no watermark on someone else's facebook page. This makes me so mad! All the pictures on my site are watermarked now, but for about a month some weren't. So either they sneakily copied it ages ago, they edited the watermark out or they got some of the old photos off weheartit. I'm thinking probably the latter. Still, time to get a new watermark - I'll work on that this week. Worst part? It got 56,000 likes for nails that I painted! If you scroll down you'll see my blog has less than 2000 views!
If anyone has been in a similar position I'd LOVE to hear your stories.
Also, if you wanted to share the link on your own facebook page and say it was mine with a link to my blog/facebook page I would be stoked! Jeez, power of the internet, right?
My facebook page is:
And obviously, my blog is:
Oh, and this is my original post about the shoes.
Okay, moving on!

So, Olympics are on! And New Zealand's doing well!! 
So I decided to paint my nails like the New Zealand flag. I did a google search to see if anyone else had done it, but couldn't find anything. Lots of British and American ones, which I must say, look pretty amazing.
I'm pretty happy with now my ones turned out too, however!


  1. ggrrruruuaaahHHHHH!!!!!! KamehameHAAAAAA!!!

    1. Is ok Jess, It's Campbell Being a doofus :D Great nails! Sucks about your plagiarist too, that's crap and I hope they apologise.

    2. Haha oh okay! ...and here I was about to blame Tommy :P. THEY HAD BETTER! Because I have a lawyer friend and she is smart and lawyery and will beat them up #IheartNicole


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