Dream-catcher Nails

I've seen lots of dream catcher nails around lately - they seem to be the new thing. I decided I'd give it a try, after all, they make a pretty cool design.

I decided against copying anyone elses nails. Obviously, there are only so many ways you can do them, so mine will resemble others. Buuuut I kind of wish I had now. I don't really like these - they look very amateur if you ask me. I only have one brown polish and it's a $2 shop shimmery dotting/lining tool - not very good for this. Excuses aside, I just didn't pull it off. The lines are thick and bumpy and they didn't turn out to be the cute design I wanted them to be - I removed them the same day! I'll try them again sometime :).

If you want to see some other dream-catcher nails have a look here.


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