Despicable Me - Minions

I re-watched Despicable Me a week or two ago - and oh man, I had forgotten how fantastic is was. 
Cutest. Movie. Ever. When the little yellow minions came on I remembered seeing photos of them painted on people's nails and decided to do it. I had to wait for a day where I had enough time and patience to though, as it's not a simple manicure! Here's how it turned out...

I took photos as I went, so you can see how it's done. 
First I chose my colours and brushes. I did a base coat, then used a MIKI yellow polish for the skin. I have two other yellows but they weren't quite right - one too bright, the other has a shimmer. I needed to do three coats of the MIKI yellow to make it completely opaque which was a bit of a pain, but at least it was the right colour.

I then did a coat of clear, as I've found it helps stop the colours running into themselves when I apply the top coat. Next I started with the eyes, I used cheapie nail art pens/polish for the white and silver bits, and the black with a 'brush' that is really more like a dotting tool or toothpick at the end. This gave me a lot of control.

Next I had to do the mouths and hair. The hair was simple enough but the mouth I was a bit nervous about, as if I accidentally moved the brush it'd ruin the whole look. It ended up pretty good though!

I then used another MIKI colour - blue, for the overalls, painting it on with a small brush. Again with the black, I added in the little details.
And there you go!

Left hand

Right hand
Hope you like my little minions, and if you do, don't forget to push the 'like' button!


  1. awesome *.*
    you're so good at nail art :D

  2. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh! I love them! I adore that film!
    I'm nowhere near good enough to do these yet, but maybe someday I will attempt them, coz they're AWESOME.

    1. They are awesome indeed! I want to do them again now and get better pictures, lol. Thanks!


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