Converse shoes/chucks take two nail art

Oops, second post in one day! Hey, it's the weekend.
As I've gone on a bit about lately, I previously had painted some Converse Chuck Taylors on my nails in this post. Then someone else stole my picture (which wasn't watermarked, silly me when I started) and it went viral on their page.
Anyway, it worked out for the better for me, as my blog and facebook page has received a lot more attention since then, from my constant spamming of the picture! An old friend of mine was keen for me to do a tutorial on how to do them, so that's what I did this afternoon. These ones are (in my opinion) a lot nicer than my old ones - more laces (therefore more recognisable as chucks), softer colours, longer nails and finer detail. The laces were a pain to paint though! Here's the final result, and if you're reading this from the homepage click the link below to see the tutorial.

First things first: choose your colours. Most of colours I chose were pastel and quite light. However, you don't want them too light otherwise the white laces will be hard to see (of course, you could just change the laces colour). You'll also need a base coat and top coat. As you can see here, I have Sally Hansen's nailgrowth miracle treatment (pfft, I don't think it really does anything - at least not what it says it can) as a base and an LA Colors top coat.

You'll also need something to draw on the finer details with. This doesn't need to cost a lot! 
In the photo below, from left to right: 
Jordana white - $4.50, 
Jordana pop art nail design white - $4.50
M Eizilan nail design silver - $2
M Eizilan nail design white - $2
Jordana pop art nail design black - $4.50
See? Quite affodrable. I'm sure you could pay a lot more and get better quality tools, but these do just fine.
Alternatively you can use a toothpick or something similar for the details, but going back and forth to a pot of polish is a pain. I used the Jordana polishes last time I did this, but this time I just used the M Eizilan nail design tools. They have a tiny tip which means you can get very small lines or dots. And last but not least you'll need cotton buds to clean up around the edges with (just dip the end in nail polish remover). A small brush like the one shown here is handy too for around the cuticles. This isn't actually my normal brush as it's disappeared... although just as I'm writing this I see it on the floor. Damn.

Now paint your base coat on and after it's dry paint each fingernail. I've seen this done with the same colour, too, and that looks cool. For some nails I had to do three coats, others only one. Once they're dry, apply a top coat (it helps prevent the colours from merging together when you put on a final top coat).

Here's where I forgot to take photos for a while, my bad! But it's pretty clear what I've done.
Paint white at the end of each nail - a bit like a long french tip. I used the Jordana nail design brush for this as it's quite opaque and you only need to do one coat.
 Slowly do two-three little white crosses leading up each nail, ending with a straight light line. Then draw a black line following the nail curve as I've done. This stage takes time and patience, so make sure you're not feeling rushed when you do this!

Add little dots with a black or silver dotter on the edge of each line, as seen in the picture below or the very first picture on this post. The top coat is the last thing to do - but let the nails dry for a while first.

And you're done! Of course there's heaps of different ways to do it. If you try I'd love to see it!


  1. These are so STINKIN CUTE!!! I really want to try this! I should start watermarking my pictures!

    1. Thank you!! I like them too, I must say. And you fully should - I didn't for ages because I didn't think anyone would care enough to steal them but boy was I wrong!

  2. I remember seeing the other pic, it's a shame when someone wants to take credit for someone else's nails, but know that you're not alone it happens more than you think. I just discovered your page and blog from the side clicks on fb and am a fan, love your work!!!

    1. I'm sure it does, I've read a few things about others having the same problem. Aw yay thank you! It's awesome, facebook randomly gave me $50 free advertising credit and it's working well :D

  3. Epic nails! We should draw and quarter the thief!

  4. These are so cute!! :) Good job!! :)

  5. These are super cute converse nail art!! Love it :D

  6. Amazing idea!!! :D This is really awesome

    1. Is is, isn't it? I can't claim the idea as my own though, I found many others like it on the internet :)But thanks!


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