Checkered nails and "Electrify" by China Glaze

Everyone needs to visit this site! It has a whole bunch of cool nail art designs using tape - it's very clever. As you can see, I had a go at the checkered nails. Unfortunately my black polish takes ages to fully dry, so even though I waited about 45 minutes before applying the tape it still pulled the nail polish off on some of the nails :/. Still, it's a cool idea. I might get some fast-drying stuff and try it again. 
I still finished the design, just freehanded the rest with my black striper brush.

Sorry, photo quality is really bad here.

Who's heard of the China Glaze Hunger Games collection? It's called Capitol Colours apparently. Anyway, I had my eye on one called "electrify," and managed to get it for $11 (NZD) including shipping.
Today it finally arrived! And it is AMAZING! My new favourite colour, I love glitter polishes.