Sunset Nails

 This one is one of my latest favourites! While it may be hot in other parts of the world right now, here in NZ it is freeeezing, and painting a sunny pattern  always makes me feel better.

 I was on a nail-painting break, but that didn't last long. This design looks a lot harder than it is, by the way, it just requires patience and a steady hand. I started off with a base coat, of course, then painted my nails yellow. Then with the same yellow ('LA colors') and a red ('Nutrimetics') I sponged on a gradient. I was going to leave it there, but I really didn't feel like studying, so decided to experiment a bit.

I used a black striper polish ('Jordana') to do all the details. The lines were quite straightforward (no pun intended...). The palm trees took a bit longer, but came out better than I expected. I think this was because the end of my brush isn't quite even - there are a few odd hairs sticking out. This worked well for me though, making the palm trees looking much more detailed!

I waited for it all to completely dry, then added a top coat.

Sorry about the poor picture quality, The only photos I have are from my phone. I've given up looking for my camera charger now, and have borrowed my dad's camera instead.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll add the photos of my current nails - another cow design!


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