Summery polka dot nails + Cute purple bear!

It has been so cold lately. Horrible. My hair straightener doesn't work in the mornings because it's freaking out at the disgustingly low temperatures. I can always see my breath inside... and it is nowhere near as awesome as I thought it was when I was little, when I felt like a dragon. And it takes a good week to dry clothes and even then they smell kind of weird after spending all that time damp.
Brr brr brr.

So to distract me from the horrible weather I went with bright, colourful nail polish! I'm still having fun with my dotting tool, but found out today how amazingly quick and great-looking those konad stamps are. Maybe  one day I'll give them a try after all.

Also, here's another pretty little design I did a couple of days ago. The original was on weheartit, but I changed the colours from blue to purple :)


  1. Very cool!! And just to make you feel better, in England it's supposed to be the middle of summer. Today its freezing and tipping with rain. We've had one good day so far and that's it! I think everyone needs happy summer nails at the moment!
    They look awesome!

    1. Eurgh, I am NEVER living in England lol. Think I need to move to Fiji or something. And thanks!


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