Glam everyday nails

I just spent at least three hours redesigning my blog, and now it looks like a my little pony attacked it. 
Note the new tabs!! I am very excited and proud that I managed to figure this out. I would definitely not have been able to do it without my friend Anjali, so if you want help with your blog click on her name!

These are some quick nails I did last night, using my friend's beautiful OPI nail polish. Sorry, I have no idea what the colours they were, I'm just going to call them peachy, browny and shiney.

Turned our pretty nice though, eh? Something you could wear everyday.

I now have about eight back up designs to put on here for when I go on a nail art boycott in a week or so. I figured my nails need a couple of weeks to breathe, then I'll get right back to it.

Oh! And I found a whole bunch of cheap nail stamping stuff on trademe, so expect some of that soon. I'll probably give a tutorial showing how to do it too.

One more thing - I don't mean to be a snob but from now on I'm only going to be replying to comments that either ask questions or are longer. I read them all still and love knowing that people like my little hobby!