Animal print nails

Yesterday I cut my nails really short! I feel a bit empty now, to be honest. I've had them relatively long for the last couple of months and now they'll take ages to grow back. I've decided to give them a well-deserved break - maybe two or three weeks.
I can't wait for the yellow parts to grow out - right now, my nails really show the importance of a base coat! I didn't use one for the first month or so of doing this, and the colour pigments really destroyed the natual colouring! There's a quite distinct part where my nails change from normal colour to yellow, it's quite intriguing. If anyone wants to see my icky stained nails I'm happy to put up a picture.

I have about 10 different nail art designs stored up in preparation for my nail polish boycott. I'll put them on here every couple of days until they grow back. Here's the first one!

I did this about a week and a half ago. I quite like how it's the same theme but with variations - might play around more sometime. I just used basic cheap CR and Jordana nail polishes. I'm starting to go a bit off CR, to be honest. They seem to get thick really quickly.

Also, it was my birthday today and I got some more nail polishes! Including an amazing magnetic one and a stunning sparkly black one. I'll do some swatches of them at some point.