Watermelon nails!

This design was easy to do and looks really cute! Again, I got the idea from weheartit. I used three different greens and a red with a coat of semi-translucent pink over the top. Then I did all the little detail with my finest brush and put two coats of clear over the top to make it extra smooth. Managed to not make a mess of my fingers this time too!

Most of my favourite ideas come from pictures I've saved on weheartit - Have a look!


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  2. I know I keep commenting and it's probably getting annoying, but I love these!! I was totally thinking of doing watermelons too! And I was going to do them quite differently! I think yours are better though!!

    1. Haha nah it's cool. I've seen quite a few different patterns around but yeah, I like how this one shows the inside and the outside of the melon!


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