Daisy nails, cupcakes and an attempt at newspaper nails...

This will probably be my last post for a little while - took a photo of my nails today and realised that the skin around them is getting really dry. I'll nurse them back to health over the next week or whatever and then get back to it! Anyway, today was nail polish Wednesday - aka the day my sister comes over. Not that I don't also have nail polish Thursday, Friday, Saturday etc... :). We were going to do the newspaper nails look seen here. However, they didn't turn out very well at all! I've read that you can replace rubbing alcohol with almond oil, so I might try that. I'll add the photos of mine at the end of this entry anyway.
I ended up with cute little flowers and my sister with cupcakes. Her nails need a break too, the cuticles are filled with previous colours!

Flowers - pretty much a direct copy of these ones lol.

 And cupcakes, also the same as these ones.

And these are my failed newspaper ones!

I'm going to start making my own designs soon - and keep a book by my bed because the best ones always come to me at midnight!


  1. I love doing newspaper ones!! What did you use? Like...liquid wise. When I saw how to do them it said rubbing alcohol, but I was like 'what the heck is that?!', so I just used nail polish remover, but you might have something better?

  2. HA! Don't even worry!! I just realised you said in your post. My bad! Sorry. Ignore my craziness!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm going to have to start designing more of my own though I think!

  4. You seem to be getting better and better!! Its so nice that this has become an awesome bonding project for you and Georgia too :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's real great, nice way to talk to her while doing something we both love.


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