Marble nails - first try!

I had this awesome idea to create water marble nails - I've seen a ton of photos of them and they look so cool! But... BAD IDEA. I have spent hours painting on the tiniest details on other nails, but this? This was different altogether. In case you don't know, this is how you do them: Note what you see there is all just for ONE NAIL. And her nail polishes spread out perfectly on the water - I only had three out of my 60-odd polishes that did this, and definitely not as well! sijfsgfiosjgosjigosidfjsojg
Okay, rant over. 
So, it ended up being a painful process and my nails ended up being rather interesting... some okay, some completely screwed up. I meant to take a photo of both hands, but my camera went flat so I might do that when it's charged. Might.

Here they are!

Also, EVERYONE should check out my friend's blog - it shows you how to make your own nail polish! Straight after reading it I bought 15 bottles of clear nail polish off trademe for about a dollar each. I can't wait until they arrive! Here's the link: