Katniss Everdeen nails - Hunger Games

I absolutely love The Hunger Games trilogy. I would try more to explain how much... but honestly there are no words for it. So, I painted my nails instead. 

There's a part in the first book where it says that Katniss has fire designs painted on her nails, so that's where the inspiration for this came from. I really wanted to do/attempt this style, but didn't have the right tools so figured I should wait until I do, or else I'll probably just get really annoyed. Plus it looks like it would take hours and hours, and right now I'm in the middle of exams.

I think these are pretty cool, and aren't too crazy - it doesn't scream "die-hard fan" or anything, so I can pretend I'm normal :)

Oh oh, and note the watermark I added - this makes me feel fancy. Saw a post on http://mrcandiipants.tumblr.com/ (I wanna be just like her when I grow up!) about how important it is otherwise other people can steal your photos and claim them as their own etc etc. I need to go through and do them to the rest of them at some point.

Now I have to study...


  1. Very cool!! We just got the 2nd and 3rd book, so I wil be reading them soon! These look awesome!
    and I've been thinking about putting my name on my photos too.

    Awesome nails! :D love the glitter too!

    1. I read them all in like, a week or so. CHANGED MY LIFE. Okay not really, but they're still amazing. You should! Just in case people realise that we're actually awesome and should have more than a handful of followers haha. And thanks! I pretended the glitter was sparks lol.


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