Shopping and Stripes!

I got a four beautiful new polishes today - all from another cheap shop in town my sister told me about. 
One was a base coat with calcium gel in it, which I figured I needed. A couple of weeks ago I realised the reason my nails were constantly a disgusting shade of yellow was because of the lack of a base coat to protect them from the strong pigments of normal nail polish. Since then I've been using a clear coat, but hopefully this will be better than that. And only $5, so can't hurt to try! 
I also got this cute little bottle filled with glitter and little hearts - but it was such a pain to get the hearts out that I gave up. 
The third one was metallic! The woman at the counter couldn't speak English very well so I googled it. So far my attempts to use it have been largely unsuccessful... maybe I need a better magnet. 
And the forth was just a nice light-medium blue.

And after all that, my nails at the moment are mostly painted with my older nail polish, the base coat being the only exception. I copied this photo - They look nice, but my shoes were cooler.