M&M nail art - yum!

I was going to give my nails some time to breathe, but then (while procrastinating study for exams) I googled some designs and just had to try out an m&m one.
I found that my small brushes and nail art polishes are definitely not up to scratch. It was extremely painful to paint on the 'm's, so new brushes are going to be my next buy, hopefully.
Then, too make it look a whole lot cooler I got a hold of (excuse the pun) some actual m&ms.

The problem now is that I keep craving chocolate whenever I look at my hands!


  1. AWESOME!!!! now I really want M&Ms!!
    Also, loving the new Blog look! :D

    1. Me and Chris ate the whole lot lol, they were so good! And thanks! I stayed up way too late doing it...


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