Friday, 29 June 2012

Galaxy nails!

I had a request do to Galaxy nails - I had actually seen them before but completely forgot about them! I followed a tutorial on youtube by "cutepolish" - wow, she is so good. She has heaps of awesome designs with easy-to-follow instructions - my new favourite place to go to for ideas!
So this is how mine turned out!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with them! All thin layers, dried fast and I didn't find it too hard to do. Only thing I really screwed up was that I covered the first white part of the nebula (if you watch the tutorial you'll know what I'm talking about) with orange and yellow. Next time I do them I'll have to watch that. Still, they're cute!

Keep an eye out in the next few days... I still have designs including nautical sailor stripes, cute little animals, crackle nail polish and more water marbling!

Leopard prints

I've done a heap of different designs over the last week, and now that I have internet access again I've decided I'll stagger them a bit - release another one every day or two, instead of throwing a million different images at you. However, I'm going to publish my favourites now :).
So, I've had my eye on leopard print nails for a while, and thought they were really cool! I don't have a lot of natural leopard colours though, so decided to improvise.

This first one I absolutely adore - one of my all-time favourites actually. Took a long time (they all did!) but it was definitely worth it.

This one was a bit harder to do as it was so dark - it was hard to see exactly where I should put the next line. But at the same time, it was easier as you could screw up and it not be that noticeable.

This one's quite cute and happy. I'd do it again.

I've seen heaps of these done with stamps and stickers but I don't have any of those, plus painting them really does improves your skill. I've found both of my hands have gotten a lot steadier over the last month or two!

Hope you all like them, and let me know what one's your favourite!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Marble Nails take two.

Okay, yesterday's post was meant to be my last one for awhile, but I re-tried water marble nails today and it worked! Not as well as some of the gorgeous ones I've found on google, but they still look awesome.
I used three MIKI nail polishes - all quite new. I think that's why they worked this time - they hadn't thickened over time. I'm keeping them in the fridge from now on to keep them that way!

I love the way my pinky turned out!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Cat nails + QVS Whitening Gel + China Glaze Candy Red

I have the cutest cat in the world. Also the most obnoxious, arrogant and demanding one. Right now he is alternating between viciously attacking the rug and hunting down his prey, aka my husband.
Here's a photo showing his general attitude towards life.

But honestly, he's awesome. And his name is Duncan, which is even awesomer. 
Anyway, this is related to nail polish, promise!

He inspired me to design my own cat-themed nails, so here they are! I might do these again sometime once my dotters hurry up and arrive, but I think these still turned out pretty alright.

I also found the most amazing thing in the world - whitening gel by QVS. I've still got slightly stained nails - which I think is gross, so when I saw this in a pharmacy I had to at least try it out.
 Hmmm, the yellow barely shows up in the photo - it was much worse in real life.

And after:
Again, the photo isn't very accurate with the colour. Some of the yellow is still there, but it was bleached out or something, I'll look it up sometime. It was really easy to do too - just put it on like normal nail polish for about three minutes, then soak in warm water for another three minutes.

I also got a couple more nail polishes - one my first China Glaze one and WOW it is amazing. So easy to put on, smooth, opaque... all I know is I'm getting more. The other one is just a cheap MIKI one, but still is a very nice colour - I really like that brand.

The China Glaze polish - "Candy Red."

That was an unusually long post. But, I'm going away for about a week soon (yay holidays!) so thought I'd get this all up-to-date. Ciao!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stripes, hearts and spots nail art

I accidentally scratched my old nails last night, so painted them plain purple this morning - just to try out a new colour. However, I got bored while studying and decided to play around with my silver and white dotty pens. I don't usually do my nails this way - I tend to do them all the same, but I quite like it! It was more enjoyable painting them as well, having some variety.
It's pay day too, so I finally bought a variety of nail art brushes and some dotters - can't WAIT until they arrive! A big bottle of pure acetone to clean them will be my next purchase I think.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Multicoloured Zebra stripes nails!

So I'm not really sure what to call these. The video tutorial I got the idea off called them zebra nails, but I did mine differently so I guess they're kind of a hyrid of a zebra, tiger and umm, a rainbow?

They're quite similar to my old tiger stipes patterns in style - ew, now I just went there and had to see how badly painted my nails were then. The cuticles were a mess! And my nails were so short! Hmm, I'll probably say the same about this post when I get better :/.
A week or two ago I watched a video on youtube that showed how to paint your nails like a professional, but GRR NOW I CAN'T FIND IT. This one pretty much says the same thing though, so check it out if you're interested.

They were pretty simple to do, just took awhile and you need a steady hand to do it, which I think years of piano and a couple of violin helped me out with.

P.S: One exam to go then three weeks of freedom!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Katniss Everdeen nails - Hunger Games

I absolutely love The Hunger Games trilogy. I would try more to explain how much... but honestly there are no words for it. So, I painted my nails instead. 

There's a part in the first book where it says that Katniss has fire designs painted on her nails, so that's where the inspiration for this came from. I really wanted to do/attempt this style, but didn't have the right tools so figured I should wait until I do, or else I'll probably just get really annoyed. Plus it looks like it would take hours and hours, and right now I'm in the middle of exams.

I think these are pretty cool, and aren't too crazy - it doesn't scream "die-hard fan" or anything, so I can pretend I'm normal :)

Oh oh, and note the watermark I added - this makes me feel fancy. Saw a post on (I wanna be just like her when I grow up!) about how important it is otherwise other people can steal your photos and claim them as their own etc etc. I need to go through and do them to the rest of them at some point.

Now I have to study...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Daisy nails, cupcakes and an attempt at newspaper nails...

This will probably be my last post for a little while - took a photo of my nails today and realised that the skin around them is getting really dry. I'll nurse them back to health over the next week or whatever and then get back to it! Anyway, today was nail polish Wednesday - aka the day my sister comes over. Not that I don't also have nail polish Thursday, Friday, Saturday etc... :). We were going to do the newspaper nails look seen here. However, they didn't turn out very well at all! I've read that you can replace rubbing alcohol with almond oil, so I might try that. I'll add the photos of mine at the end of this entry anyway.
I ended up with cute little flowers and my sister with cupcakes. Her nails need a break too, the cuticles are filled with previous colours!

Flowers - pretty much a direct copy of these ones lol.

 And cupcakes, also the same as these ones.

And these are my failed newspaper ones!

I'm going to start making my own designs soon - and keep a book by my bed because the best ones always come to me at midnight!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Watermelon nails!

This design was easy to do and looks really cute! Again, I got the idea from weheartit. I used three different greens and a red with a coat of semi-translucent pink over the top. Then I did all the little detail with my finest brush and put two coats of clear over the top to make it extra smooth. Managed to not make a mess of my fingers this time too!

Most of my favourite ideas come from pictures I've saved on weheartit - Have a look!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Colourful balloon nails

I've been meaning to try these out for awhile, and I simply couldn't keep the marbled ones on with them being so imperfect! I think this hobby is making me a bit of a perfectionist...
So, check them out:

I did these while watching "The Lovely Bones" on TV... man that movie is creepy. The balloons seemed a little too happy for the mood!

Marble nails - first try!

I had this awesome idea to create water marble nails - I've seen a ton of photos of them and they look so cool! But... BAD IDEA. I have spent hours painting on the tiniest details on other nails, but this? This was different altogether. In case you don't know, this is how you do them: Note what you see there is all just for ONE NAIL. And her nail polishes spread out perfectly on the water - I only had three out of my 60-odd polishes that did this, and definitely not as well! sijfsgfiosjgosjigosidfjsojg
Okay, rant over. 
So, it ended up being a painful process and my nails ended up being rather interesting... some okay, some completely screwed up. I meant to take a photo of both hands, but my camera went flat so I might do that when it's charged. Might.

Here they are!

Also, EVERYONE should check out my friend's blog - it shows you how to make your own nail polish! Straight after reading it I bought 15 bottles of clear nail polish off trademe for about a dollar each. I can't wait until they arrive! Here's the link:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kiwifruit nail art

I wish my nails would grow quicker! For my wedding I grew mine for about six weeks beforehand - and even then they weren't THAT long. Anyway, I got a few new polishes today, all LA colours, and they are awesome! I was very good too, instead of buying whatever ones I thought were gorgeous at the time I thought about the patterns I've wanted to do but couldn't because I didn't have the right colours. 
So, I ended up buying "Enchanting", "Current" and "Summertime." Current is a weird name for a green, if you ask me, but whatever.
Here they are!

 I decided to copy a picture I found on weheartit - I am NOT posting the link though, their one puts mine to shame! I love kiwifruit, so thought this was a cool idea. Turned out alright, but I need a dotting tool or something and a thinner brush for the lines.

I'm going to keep these on for a while, I think. They're too cute to take off!

Stripes and a little white heart

My friend showed me a photo of some brightly striped nails with love hearts drawn all over them. I thought they were pretty cool, but decided to tone them down a little - fluro pink and yellow are awesome but would become a bit of an eyesore. Might try them on my sister sometime though!

This is the picture... I got it from facebook but I did a google image search and I think it may have been originally from this site -

And this is my somewhat boring, grown-up version of them.

And who doesn't love a bit of glitter? 
Even if it is a complete pain to remove... I've gone through so much nail polish remover in the last couple of weeks!

I quite like these, but in hindsight I wouldn't have bothered with the hearts at all. As I said in my last entry, my brushes aren't very good at small, specific details (or maybe it's just me...).

Friday, 8 June 2012

M&M nail art - yum!

I was going to give my nails some time to breathe, but then (while procrastinating study for exams) I googled some designs and just had to try out an m&m one.
I found that my small brushes and nail art polishes are definitely not up to scratch. It was extremely painful to paint on the 'm's, so new brushes are going to be my next buy, hopefully.
Then, too make it look a whole lot cooler I got a hold of (excuse the pun) some actual m&ms.

The problem now is that I keep craving chocolate whenever I look at my hands!

Shopping and Stripes!

I got a four beautiful new polishes today - all from another cheap shop in town my sister told me about. 
One was a base coat with calcium gel in it, which I figured I needed. A couple of weeks ago I realised the reason my nails were constantly a disgusting shade of yellow was because of the lack of a base coat to protect them from the strong pigments of normal nail polish. Since then I've been using a clear coat, but hopefully this will be better than that. And only $5, so can't hurt to try! 
I also got this cute little bottle filled with glitter and little hearts - but it was such a pain to get the hearts out that I gave up. 
The third one was metallic! The woman at the counter couldn't speak English very well so I googled it. So far my attempts to use it have been largely unsuccessful... maybe I need a better magnet. 
And the forth was just a nice light-medium blue.

And after all that, my nails at the moment are mostly painted with my older nail polish, the base coat being the only exception. I copied this photo - They look nice, but my shoes were cooler.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

First attempts at gradient nails

I don't have any sponges at this stage, but I found a tutorial that showed you how to do this without one. So, here you go!

Quite like them! Need to get different colours - most of mine are quite opaque.

A whole lot of everything

It's great having a little sister that copies everything you do. Not even sarcastic, she now constantly paints her nails too :D. Today she came over for tea and this is what we got up to...

Mine: Converse shoes! I've been meaning to do this for ages but thought it would be really hard. Turned out it wasn't actually that bad! My right hand was a bit harder but still happy with the result. Looks so funny when I'm typing - tiny shoes doing it for me!

Georgia's hands, mostly me painting: Ummm... a bit of everything. Sparkly smiley faces, weird but girly dotty thing, strawberries and those white things are skilful renditions of her horse. Very kiddish :D

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Frangipanis and a Tribal pattern!

A couple more designs... 

Frangipanis: Didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I'll try again sometime and make the background just one colour and pay more attention to the flower detail. I couldn't find any designs I liked on the web so made it up.

Tribal: Quite like these! Took a long time though and the detail got frustrating, so won't be doing them too often.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sunny sunflowers ♥

Part of my nail polish chipped off last night, so I decided to re-paint them today instead of leaving them on all weekend (oh no... :p). I got some ideas off the internet - I wanted to stick with the flower theme so decided to go with my favourite - sunflowers! 
I'm really happy with how these turned out - absolutely loving my new brushes! Makes everything so much easier! 

Friday, 1 June 2012


I went shopping yesterday, and ended up with a bunch of new nail polishes plus two fine brushes to help out with the detail. So, time to give them a try!

I got the idea off a cool blog I found called Legally Nailed - 

I love them! It took quite a while but it was nice to relax - exams are just around the corner. My nails are so short at the moment though - really need to grow them so my mini-canvases are a bit bigger!