Sparkles, grass, dots, pastel and cows!

I've gone a little bit crazy lately. I've been sick for the last million zillion years (since Friday) and studying was actually harder than usual. So... I painted my nails. A lot. And my friend Kayla gave me some of her old nail polishes so I've had fun with them too!

1. Sparkles! This is me pretending I have something as awesome as 'Connect the Dots' or 'Sticks'n'Stones.'

2. Weird grassy thing I made up. I think it's awesome, particularly the thumb and middle finger. The rest screwed up and I completely ruined my right hand. But I'm going to get some better tools for the job and try this again.

3. Spotty dotty awesomeness. Quite enjoy this one.

4. My sister came over and we painted our nails A LOT, this was a temporary pattern of hers. Cute!

5. I have these at the moment, nice and simple - pastel colours with a cream-coloured sheen over the top.

6. Saving the best for last - I LOVE THESE! I painted them for my sister. I find it a lot easier overall doing other people's nails - the final look is much more even. Doesn't take half as long, too. 

Also, this is my current nail polish collection. Getting bigger!


  1. Cute! Do you think you could do a tutorial of these?


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