Bumblebees stripes!

I went to a make-up sale today and almost fainted. There were two huge tables laden with hundreds of amazing kinds of nail polish! OPI was on the first table, priced from $10-12 and brands like Sally Hansen, LA colours, Revlon and Loreal were on the second table, priced from $3-$10. It. Was. Amazing. Unfortunately I only had $22.73, but I still managed to get some goodies, and I am so going again later in the week.
So, these are the three new colours I got:

  And this is what they look like with one coat. I love the gold!

I decided to go for a bumblebee striped pattern that I've been wanting to do for awhile but had been missing a yellow. I took photos as I went, to show how I did it.

Step one: A clear coat underneath to prevent staining, and then two coats of yellow.

Step two: I cut up little pieces of masking tape and carefully stuck them on my nails once they were fully dry, and pressed them down on the edges. I'm not sure if another tape would be better or not, I just experimented with what I could find.

Step three: Painted over the whole nail, making sure to get all the edges and an even coat.

Step four: Once dry, I peeled off the tape and applied a couple of layers of clear nail polish to make them extra shiny and protected.

Love this pattern, it's so happy!


  1. These look great!
    and what a good idea cutting up the tape, haha, I'm so silly and I would have done like one stripe at a time with thick pieces.
    also, I think masking tape is the best! the normal cellotape kind of leaks when you nail polish it (so I always end up with smudges!)

    1. I saw something on-line about using tape so just copied that - but yeah, normally I do this sort of stuff with my art deco polish which is good, but makes it quite thick and bumpy at times.
      Oh, I was lucky that I had masking tape lying around then! :)


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