21 April 2012 - kind of.
Okay, first post! My plan is to just show my process of learning how to "do" nail art - and well. It's actually about a month later, but the above date is when I took painted these nails. I have a handful of photos on my computer of my first attempts at various kinds of nail art/polish - crackle was first! Also, please note that I do not own a single OPI nail polish as they are overpriced and over-rated (UPDATE: Ha! My opinion on this has changed a lot). I get all mine from The Warehouse and various $2 shops, bar some hand-me-downs from mum. 
So... blue crackle with silver underneath.

Thus begins my somewhat-new obsession with nail polish. Constantly re-painting my nails suits me, as I am terrible at keeping them on. Honestly, I'm bored for half an hour and they're all scratched off.
Next, red crackle on silver. Yes, I like the silver a lot.

These were on my twelve-year-old sister's nails, and haven't been cleaned round the edges much, but still look pretty cool.
I've also played around with various other colours with my current crackle nail polish, but can't find any more pics, so these will have to do :).


  1. that blue one looks really cool.
    I recently tried a black shatter effect nail polish and didn't like how there was a lot of biggish lumpy bits. I like that the blue has shattered into lots of little pieces and really shows of the silver underneath!!!

    1. Yea, I've played around with shatter quite a bit and found that you have to do it really fast otherwise it just makes it into lines. And thicker is generally better, although it depends on the look you're after.


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