Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years nails - bulk post with four different designs!

I've done quite a few designs lately that would be great for new years, so I'm posting them all here so they're easily found :). There are four different designs plus some cool new years glitters, so make sure you click the "read more" link if you're reading this from my home page!

Firstly I have a studded manicure that I did a few days ago!

I used these awesome little studs you can buy from Born Pretty Store, there's a link further down if you wanna grab some. I messed up the pinky on this hand a little bit and I also managed to get some of the polish on the studs... oops. I was just a bit quick putting them on and the nail polish hadn't dried properly.

Take Two day 31: New Years Theme

Day Thirty-One
New Years Theme

It's the last day of Take Two!!! I'm looking forward to a new month to be honest. I've liked doing all the challenges but it's a lot of work. I had all the painting done by the 18th but it's the posts that I'm not as quick about! I find if I write them too far ahead of time they just get boring and blahhh. Anyway, NEW YEARS NAILS! Yay! Happy new year everyone!! Hope your 2013 is going to be awesome!

I first did these ^^ but then wanted to write 2013 on them. It didn't show up that well... but meh. I've changed my nails about 10 times since these, I'm really not that precious about my designs. On instagram someone said that my reindeer nails look like a turd and I just laughed SO much because it's true!

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Take Two day 30: Food theme/Strawberry nails tutorial

Day Thirty
Food theme

New tutorial! This one's really easy too, but looks SO cute!

Not a lot else to say here, but if you want to see the rest of my tutorials you can see them HERE or just click on the "tutorials" tab.

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Take Two day 29: Money nails

Day Twenty-nine
Money nails

I was a bit stuck for ideas for these nails... painting on notes would be too hard and I couldn't think of much else. However, my husband suggested money bags, which I thought was cool! It's kind of ironic though, as this week is the poorest we've ever been. I got paid in advance because of Christmas so we were rich last week, but we didn't know it was in advance (we thought it was just lots of little amounts that had added up to it). But nooo... so this week, we have $6 to spend on groceries, petrol and anything else. Good thing we stocked up on food last week!

As you can see, I used little gems for coins. I think the whole look was pretty cute but not something I'd really wear out though... it's a bit weird.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Take Two day 28: Education theme

Day Twenty-eight
Education Theme

Super quick post today as it's date night and we're going to watch a movie :). Chalkboard nail art! I saw this tutorial ages ago here by Robin Moses, who is just amazing at nail art. I have such a nail crush on her. So, enjoy! 

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Take Two day 27: Movie Theme - Anastasia nail art!

Day Twenty-seven
Movie Theme

I'm so excited to show you these nails! While they aren't as awesome as the likes of Nail Nerd's cartoon nails, I'm still very proud of them :D. And I even did a step-by-step tutorial for how I did it!

Firstly a little background - I LOVE the movie Anastasia. It's one of my all-time favourites, and my number one favourite kid's movie, with Enchanted coming in a close second. It got me very interested in Russian history and I've read several books about it and am very familiar with the Wikipedia pages associated with it! It's just so much cooler than Disney movies. This one's distributed by 20th Century Fox, by the way. Instead of the handsome prince charming who saves her, she's tough and saves herself... but then gets the guy too because hey, he's pretty awesome. Lets just ignore the fact that it's completely historically inaccurate and the real story is tragic...

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Review of Gene Doll "Tapping toes like Mr Kelly" by piCture pOlish

This is the third of the four polishes I was sent for review from the lovely people at Picture Polish, but oh my goodness this one is my favourite of them all! It's stunning! It was quite hard to pick up the exact colour in the photos but I think I ended up getting it fairly accurate. 

Two coats of Tapping toes like Mr Kelly over black
As you can see, it's a gorgeous pinky-purple glitter. I love how it's got a mix of tiny and medium-sized glitters, it means that when the bigger glitters don't fill a spot the little specks still do and it therefore has nice, even coverage.

Two coats over white
I haven't decided what colour I like best underneath - maybe black? They all look awesome, I'd like to try a pink as well.

Take Two day 26: Watermarbled

Day Twenty-Six

I started out planning to watermarble, but it just wasn't working for me. I think it might be because I'm not used to doing it in summer - every other time I've done it it's been winter and I just haven't seemed to be able to figure out the best way to do it in summer! I'll work on it and  will get it right eventually though, and will do a new tutorial when I do!

I decided on a new technique for watermarbling - I just dipped my nail in without creating a design, no matter how much the polish had or hadn't spread! I think dip-dyed nails would be a good name for this, or tye-dyed. Either way, despite my initial failing I quite liked the end result!

I can't remember all the names of these polishes, but I know that the pink OPI is Kiss me on my tulips, the blue was an Essie polish and the white a CR. If anyone's interested in what exact colours they are I'll stop being lazy and go search my collection.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Take Two day 25: Christmas Theme

Day Twenty-Five
Christmas Theme

Christmas nails! Again! I've done heaps of Christmas nails lately, and this is the first design that doesn't have a tutorial. I wasn't sure what I thought of these when I did them - they're a bit crowded and overdone, but so's Christmas, right?

By the way, if you haven't seen all of my Christmas nail tutorials you check them out here:

Did this last night :D

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Take Two day 24: Birthday Theme

Day Twenty-Four
Birthday Theme

These ones are super simple but also really cute! All I did was paint them white, add a coat of glitter, make two lines for candles on each nail and add the wick and flame detail with a little brush. Not my fanciest, but they do the job and would be great for birthdays! I'd love to paint kids nails at a birthday party something like this.

My camera really isn't as bad as I make it out to be sometimes... the photo below is really very close and still good! I guess the lighting helps too.

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Reindeer nail art tutorial

Another Christmas nail art tutorial - this one is featuring as a guest post over at The Manicure Hut, so go check it out! 

Take Two day 23: Inspired by Fashion/Overalls nails!

Day Twenty-Three
Inspired by Fashion

I just have to say that I LOVE these nails! They're one of my favourites from this challenge and in my top 10 of all time :). Okay, so the theme for today is "Inspired by Fashion" and I'm just not that fashionable. I mean, I try to dress well sometimes, like when I go to parties or out for dinner but in general I pay much more attention to my nails than my clothes. Which is mostly because nail polish is a lot cheaper, I think.

So, I decided that instead of trying to figure out what was fashionable these days I'd go for something completely unfashionable - overalls! I think Americans call them coveralls though... I don't know. Either way, you don't see these a lot these days unless the legs have been chopped off and enough leg is showing to make it sexy. And I think you're meant to wear a singlet top, not a t-shirt underneath. How impractical. I found this picture of Katie Holmes wearing them the cool way...

Unsure of original source
And this one is the uncool way. Look how much happier he is though!

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

NZ Nail art Competition Winner!

Just a quick update to say that a winner of my nail art competition has been chosen! I felt sorry for my husband having to choose... they were all great! It came down to two in the end and the winner ended up being Jenn! Haha, I just realised that my last giveaway winner was called Jenn too - different ones though! I'm about to email her now and let her know she won.

Jenn's winning design! Her first hand-painted nail art and
first competition -  and WOW!

Christmas Tree nail art tutorial

More nail art for short nails! Or long nails, or somewhere in between. I broke two of my nails the other day by pulling at my nail polish drawer a little to vigorously, but I like this length better to be honest.
So, Christmas tree nail art! I like this better than my last Christmas tree nail tutorial, although jeez those ones are popular! It's awesome!

As you can obviously see, there's a little reindeer on the thumb and ring finger - I've done a tutorial for that too! It's going to be published as a guest post on The Manicure Hut soon, and I'll make a post that'll link to it asap.

These two will probably be the last of my Christmas manicures this year, but I think I'll focus on New Years tutorials next! 

Take Two day 22: Gradient

Day Twenty-two

I did these agggges ago now! I think I did them around the 10th, and they've been waiting to be published since then. I'm not really that great at gradients, but these were okay. Not as even as I'd like them to be though. I think I'll do a few more soon and see what works best for me.

The biggest problem I have with gradient nails is that I get little bits of fluff or whatever stuck in the sponge and by the time I notice them my nails are yuck. That's why I chose a dark colour, actually. It's much harder to see imperfections!

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Take Two day 21: Galaxy nails

Day Twenty-One
Galaxy nails

So with the world apparently ending today it should be quite exciting. Or else, you know, it'll just be totally normal. I'll go to work, eat lunch, probably paint my nails at some point. However, if it does end, it had better be a good show - preferably something dramatic like I painted on my nails. 
May I present my end of the world nails!!

Armageddon, the Mayans running out of room and sealing our doom, a giant meteor/comet destroying us... this little drama makes for a much funner manicure than usual :P. It started out as galaxy nails, as you can see below. I'm loving Colada Fizz by Revlon at the moment - it's really great for galaxy nails.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Santa Claus nail art tutorial!

Time for another Christmas nail art tutorial! I have a folder in my computer with a few of my favourite nail art ideas that I occasionally draw inspiration from. I finally tried out this one and it was surprisingly simple, so I made it into a tutorial!

I'm annoyed at myself now though - I didn't think to check who originally did these nails online (by searching the image) until after I had already done the tutorial! I would have credited her for the idea on the picture if I had thought of it. I sort of assumed that it'd be hard to find the original nail artists as there wasn't a watermark but actually I found her straight away. Turns out it was Kayla Shevonne, a brilliant nail artist whose blog I was browsing just a couple of days ago! So check out here blog here and the post for her Santa Belly nails here.

Kayla Shevonne's nail art that I based my tutorial on!

I simplified her design for the tutorial. I just did a straight line instead one curved like hers, and did dots with polish instead of using beads because not everyone has them.

This kind of nail art is good for short nails too - check out my right hand here. I cut these nails last week, but it works quite well as it makes santa fatter! Skinny santas just aren't quite right, so if you have short, stubby nails this design is ideal for you!

Take Two day 20: Inspired by an emotion

Day Twenty
Inspired by an emotion

This is a pretty simple and common design that I've never got around to but suited today well! And nawww look how cute and happy these little guys are :D

Sorry about the photos - I thought I had good lighting up when I was in Auckland but apparently not!
The yellow is China Glaze Sunshine Pop - one of my favourite colours.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Take Two day 19: Rainbow nails

Day Nineteen
Rainbow Nails

I've actually done these nails before here. I loved them then and still love them now! There are some different shades in this one and the photo isn't very high quality, but oh well :). 

My last ones were painted when I had longer nails, but I actually like them better at this length. It's a nice in-between stage between too-long and too-short.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Take Two day 18: Inspired by a song

Day Eighteen
Inspired by a song

In one of my classes last semester we compared Madonna's "Material Girl" music video to Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" one. It's kind of awesome, Madonna copied the general theme and colours of Marilyn's... so you could really call these nails "Marilyn Monroe nails", "Madonna nails", "Material girl nails" OR "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" nails! 

Here's the music video for "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." It's from myspace - wooah! Didn't know it still existed!

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Tip Top nail polish review - 11 different polishes!

I have been waiting so long to review these! Almost a month ago I got a package from Tip Top Nails South Africa and it was the best nail mail I've ever received! In it were all of the polishes you see above and below. It's taken me a month to get through them all and try them out a few times so I could get a real feel for Tip Top products.

The polishes I received were:

Toughen Up base coat
Toughen Up top coat
Flute Shoot
Creamy Orange
Gold Drop Glitter
Rikki Brest - I luv denim
Rikki Brest - U Crack Me Up

Whew! I'll start by reviewing the little duo polishes - I luv denim and U Crack me Up.

Review of Ozotic Sugar 901 - so PINK!

At first I wasn't in love with this polish. I'm normally much more into plain colours without shimmers and glitters, as they can distract from the nail art. BUT. I changed my mind. I love this polish! I prefer to wear it over another colour, in this case OPI's Play the Peonies. However if you do enough coats it can be worn by itself.

From what I remember, the top left photo is with one coat of Sugar 901, and the top right is with two coats of it. Both have Play the Peonies underneath.

It does look pretty stunning by itself too, I must say. I think this was with about three coats. I do quite thick coats though. It's not quite opaque though, as you can see.

Take Two day 17: Match-your-outfit nails

Day Seventeen
Match-your-outfit nails

I'm living in PJs and comfortable clothes at the moment, so I thought I'd do my Pajama pants for my match-your-outfit design! They were a set for $9 from Kmart, I got them about a year ago and they're so cute! Little owls, and now, little owl nails!

I found these much more of a challenge to paint than normal; I think the drugs for the surgery and the whole laparoscopy in general has left me with slightly shaky hands, which I'm sure will go away over time. Still, I like them! I was fortunate enough to have the right colours for them with me too!

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Take Two day 16: Metallic

Day Sixteen

Just a plain colour for today's metallic theme - but isn't this colour stunning?? Funny thing is that it's actually called "Metallic" as well, which is very fitting. It's by Revlon.
My fingers look very dark in these photos, oops.

I love this sort of polish. I've been borrowing another silver Revlon off my sister called Silver Dollar, but I like this one much more. It reminds me of those metallic nail foils. And it's a top speed one too! Any quick drying polish is fine by me.

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