Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Nail Art Mash Up #2 - Cookie Monster, How to Make your Nail Polish Last Longer and more!

I suppose it must be time for another round up of my latest tutorials - it's been a while! I've had a busy last few months; four weeks on practicum and then another few weeks of doing a crazy amount of assignments. I've just had a week and a half of lovely holidays, but unfortunately they're almost over and it's back to study. While I love early childhood, I am dreading going back to the heavy workload of my graduate diploma... six months until I finish! 

I've filmed a lot of tutorials over the last week and am just bursting to put them online. I always get like this when I'm ahead, but am forcing myself to stagger them so I have something there for weeks when I'm too busy to film. Tutorials that are up, however, are these ones!

I had some gems and rhinestones sent to me by Rhinestonz, and was amazed at the superior quality; previously I had assumed they were all the same. I made a video about how to apply rhinestones - and importantly, how to make them last! I hope you'll find it useful; just click on the picture to go to the tutorial. 

 Cookie Monster is a long term childhood favourite of mine, and when I was on practicum I wanted to create some nails that the kids would love. So, these were born! I was pretty happy with how Cookie Monster turned out, and plan to do some other characters from Sesame Street soon. I made a couple of little videos for these on Instagram, and was stoked when a bunch of huge accounts shared them! 


 This video is all about how to make your nail polish last longer, and it's packed with tried-and-true tips I've learnt from my experience as a nail tech and the three years I've been obsessed with nail art. Isopropyl alcohol made such a huge difference for me - it honestly changed the way I do nail art. Again, just click on the picture to go to the tutorial.

This next tutorial was a little different. Months ago, I was approached by Constance, a lovely lady who asked if I could create some nail art to spread awareness of a rare disease called Evan's Syndrome. I read up a bit about it, and it confirmed that I'd love to do anything I can to let people know about it. Together we put together this video, which I hope will teach you something new! You can also, of course, adapt this design to make it suit another cause.

 This is my most recent tutorial - prom nail art. However, it can be used for a variety of occasions - parties, new year, school balls and many more. It's the shortest and simplest nail art tutorial I've done for a while!

 This is a random little arty design that I came up with one day, and had a bit of fun with. Nails that join together to make a design are my favourite! I called these Art Attack nails, and you can find them here.

Another tutorial filmed while on practicum was this one - unicorn nail art (in space, of course). One little girl really loved ponies, so I came up with this, which the children loved. You can watch the tutorial here.

These last two videos aren't nail ones; this first one is the "Not my arms Challenge" which I filmed with my friend Bridgitte from EyeDolize makeup. This was a long time ago now - it took awhile to get the footage and edit it! Bridgitte is actually staying with me at the moment as she starts her very exciting trip around the world, so she's here with us in New Zealand for a month. There are sure to be more videos from us during that time! You can watch the "Not my arms Challenge" here.

 Finally, here's a clothing haul I did a few weeks ago - I wanted to compare a bunch of different brands and see how they stacked up. You can watch this video here!

 Phew! That's a lot of videos. I'll try remember to do this monthly, especially with all the exciting tutorials I've got coming up. If you're not following me on Instagram you can find me @naileditnz - I have released sneak peeks of all the nail art I've done recently ☺.

See you in a month or so!

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nail Art Mash Up ♥ Cinderella, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more!

Hi everyone! I figured it was time to give you a wrap-up of my latest nail art videos.

These first two are nails I wore when I went to Australia recently - one hand for the kiwis, one hand for the Aussies. You can click on the picture to go to the tutorial, as with all the photos in this post.

I love that black and white are our national colours - so classy and versatile!

Not quite as much of a fan of the aussie colours, but they still turned out alright. I tried introducing gold into this while filming, but ended up removing it as it looked gross - too many 'big' colours!

I really liked painting the silhouettes of the kangaroo and the kiwi on - and adding dots is always an easy way to spice up water marbling.

My personal favourite out of this bunch of videos is this one - it's a bit different in the way I narrated it but I had so much fun! Introducing... The Very Hungry Caterpillar ☺. This was, of course based on the very popular children's book by Eric Carle.

The two hands of this design tell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which I became quite familiar with over the week I wore these. I was on practicum at the time, and the children there were learning about the butterfly life cycle. For my last week I painted these as a surprise and they were pretty excited! One little girl in particular would ask me to "tell the story, tell the story!" then listen in awe as I tried to remember the words while popping out each finger. I'd finish with "... and he was a beautiful butterfly!" she'd smile widely then jump up and down and say "again, again!" So yeah, pretty familiar with this story now.

 I recently got a new camera, and some of these pictures were taken with it. I'm still figuring it out (or rather, asking my cousin every time I hit the wrong setting) but things are slowly coming together! These are photos I took with it (it's a Canon 600D), of this easy negative space nail art. There was also a giveaway with this video, which closes tomorrow - so if you're in New Zealand you can enter here.

Again, click on the photos to watch the tutorial.

These Cinderella nails are my second favourites from this lot, by a margin. I saw the film recently and really loved it... in fact, I've seen it twice now. It inspired this nail art design, and can I just say, that glass slipper was hard!

"Have courage and be kind" was the tagline from the film, and I thought they were perfect. Good words to live by.

Note: I love this picture for the most part - but hate how it's focused on the cloth! Still a fancy camera newbie...

These bunnies were done around Easter time, and were also a big hit with the kids on practicum.

The mouths were a last-minute addition, but I'm so glad I did it - gives them much more expression!

 Finally, I also made a video about how I clean my nail art brushes.

Hope you guys like all these new videos! I'll have a new one going up on my channel tomorrow, but in the meantime I've got a massive assignment to finish. We're so much more settled in Auckland now; starting to really enjoy it and look forward to everything that's happening here.

I'll update you again at the end of May ☺.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cupcakes, Negative Space, Glitter Gradient + How To Clean Around Your Cuticles

Annnnd I'm back! Wow, that was a longer absence than expected, but I have many excellent excuses, if that helps. Between moving 500km, starting a full-time graduate diploma and completely renovating a house I have been very busy. Plus there was a time there when I didn't even have a computer - lots of fun! However, now the renovations are almost done (it's looking AMAZING, can't wait to show you), my assignments are handed in and I have not only a high-spec new computer but a beautiful Canon 600D to upgrade my YouTube videos. To be honest, it's so perfect that I'm slightly scared I'll break it if I touch it. I've had it a week and haven't even taken a photo yet! Once we've finished with the reno and everything's unpacked I'll have a good play around and start filming some new videos; in the meantime I've got plenty of pre-recorded footage to play around with.

Another thing I should make you aware of; I'm going to be cutting down my blog posts. I'm on almost every social media site and with study taking up a lot of time I need to prioritise. Instead of cutting anything out, I'm just going to reduce the amount of posts I do and post all my recent YouTube videos and pictures all in one place. 

So, here's what's been happening over on the Nailed It NZ YouTube channel lately!

 Because who doesn't love cupcakes? I enjoyed wearing these so much.
All the names of the polishes I used can be found in the description box of the YouTube tutorial for these - here.

 Here's the tutorial! Please subscribe to my channel ☺.

Next I uploaded a video that's been highly requested - how to clean up your cuticles. I actually had a bit of trouble thinking up a name for that one, and ending up throwing "the perfect manicure" into the title too, in case people got confused.

This video is all about how I get rid of the mess that can get on your fingers and cuticle area when you've just painted your nails. As a blogger I try to make them as clean and professional-looking as possible - and this is how I do it.

I had one more scheduled video, which went live while I was over in Australia (another part of my recent adventures!). I loved this one - SO easy, SO pretty.

Here's my 15 Minute Gold Glitter Gradient.

This design makes me feel like a magpie... it's so shiny!

And here's the tutorial. It seriously is so easy. Do it. Doooo eeettt.

And this last design is something of a sneak peek, as the tutorial hasn't gone live yet. Yup, after a painful three week break from YouTube (damn priorites getting in the way) I have edited and scheduled another video, which will be going live approximately 12 hours after this blog post is published. Exciting!

Negative Space nail art. Seriously love this look.

I first did it on my sister (miss you, Georgia!) and we promptly fell in love with the design. It would have been ridiculous not to film it!

And so here it is.

Hope you like all of these designs! It feels so good to be back into this, I forgot how much I loved it. It's been such a long time waiting to get to this spot, right here - the countdown has been ticking for 16 long months. It's a pretty incredible feeling to know that despite all the ups and downs, we're here, in Auckland, doing exactly what we want to do.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To File Your Nails | Almond, Oval & Squoval

I've been on a roll lately! I have filmed and edited several highly-requested videos; ones that aren't about the nail art but more about nail care and what I recommend. This is the first of these new videos; How To File Your Nails. I talk a bit about the grit of the nail file, the different ways you can file them and how to achieve three popular shapes; almond, oval and squoval. 

The first shape I talk about in this video is almond. My almond nails here aren't as pointy as they could be (it's a sliding scale) but I explain the reason for that in the video. Almond is personally my favourite nail shape - it's classy and more natural-looking than square/squoval, at least on my nails.

Next up are my oval nails. These are much more practical, especially at this length or shorter.

And lastly, here is squoval. While I like this shape, I don't think it suits my nails as well as the other two. This is probably due to the shape of my cuticles - they're very curvy and it always looks nice if both ends match.

Here's the video! And a pretty little subscribe button - oooh, I wonder what magical things will happen if you push it?

I can't believe how overwhelmingly positive the feedback has been for this so far - I was so nervous putting it up. I honestly lost sleep over it. Filing nails can be a bit controversial; I've seen women get verbally attacked on social media for daring to say they file their nails both ways. I do this a lot, and therefore was prepared for some backlash to this video... but there has been none at all! What a wonderful community the nail blogging one is ☺.

I managed to edit two more videos today, in a record time of two and a half hours for the both of them (normally it'd take twice that long for one!). I'm really excited; partly because I think that people will like the videos, and partly because it means I'm organised and ready for the couple of weeks that I won't have regular access to the internet. We're down to a matter of days until we move to Auckland now, and the previous nervous apprehension has given way to pure excitement. So, so glad that this is finally happening. Our farewell party was yesterday and it was just awesome, we had a great turn out and some of us were still chatting close to midnight - even though it was an afternoon tea! So happy to be moving, but even more happy that we're leaving on such great terms with our Palmy people.

Selfie sticks; love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny they're helpful in this situation.

I hope you like this video! This might be my last blog post for a little while; we've got a busy week and then we're off to Australia. I'll try to pop up a post around the same time my new video goes live next Friday - but if not, I'll update as soon as I'm able.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin Nail Art + Tutorial

I loved doing (and wearing) these nails. They were inspired by the music video to "Lips Are Movin" by Meghan Trainor, which (like All About That Bass) is very colourful and bright, with plenty of inspiration for themed nail art. The lips were undoubtedly my favourite nail!

I filmed a tutorial for it too, which you can watch here and below. Please subscribe to my channel - it's free ☺.

I haven't had much experience with lips nail art before, so was a little hesitant to do this; but I surprised myself! The ring finger turned out pretty well, and I was happy enough with the little black lips on the pinky and thumb nails as well.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

You've Got My Heart On A String | Take Two

Almost three years ago I did these nails, which were inspired by The Polish Well. They were done during my first couple of months of playing around with nail art, and I remember being so proud! It's such a cute design; I love how it continues across all of the nails. Both times I've done this I've spent half of the painting-time brainstorming new ideas with the same basic theme; a bumblebee path, paper aeroplane, heart rate monitor... they encourage endless inspiration!

I asked on Facebook and Instagram recently about which of my very first designs I should recreate, and this one won (by a very narrow margin). 

As you can see, they're quite different than my last ones, as I turned them into something of a kite and switched all the colours around. Initially I tried it with a red heart as well, but it just didn't look right, so I went over it with gold. Here's a shot of the last time I tried this design, back in May 2012.

I chose a white with a beautiful shimmer in it for the background colour; White Wedding by Picture Polish. The rest of it was painted in acrylic paint - a choice I regretted half-way through. So many people say that using acrylic paint is easier than polish, but I am yet to see any real benefits. Occasionally I like it, but overall I prefer polish; I'm just more familiar with it, I guess.

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Walking Dead Nail Art | Zombie Sophia

My brother's a big fan of The Walking Dead, and he introduced my me and my husband to it a few years ago. From memory, we've only seen the first three seasons, but I've done a fair bit of googling as to what has happened more recently. It's so graphic and disgusting, yet completely addictive! Once we're more settled I'm keen to pick them up again. We've just moved to our third house since November... in total we'll be in six different places in three months - exhausting, to say the least! 

The Walking Dead nail art has been requested a few times, and when it was more recently it was perfect timing. I based the zombie off little Sophia, which ended up making me feel a bit sick half-way through... so icky! It was a good challenge though, and heaps of fun to paint.

Of course, I made a tutorial for this and you can watch it here, or below. Please subscribe to my channel, it helps me out heaps!

While I didn't get the facial detail perfect, I'm pretty happy with it; considering the size of the canvas. I'm hoping to do some more nail art with this level of detail soon, but perhaps have the subject matter a little less... well, dead. If you've got a request, leave it in the comments!

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