Friday, 1 August 2014

Gel Polish | Re-learning Nail Art!

Something that I didn't anticipate before starting my course, was that I was going to have to re-learn nail art. Gel polish is completely different to normal lacquer. I already knew that acrylic paint and nail polish (my usual options for nail art) behaved differently - nail polish has a tendency to pool and spread out, while acrylic paint stays where it was put. Gel polish - well, that's a whole new ball game. I love it... but I hate it. I've spent 2 and a half years familiarising myself with lacquer, and I was shocked when I went to paint some gel polish roses on a friend and it pooled everywhere!

And that was just the beginning...

Okay, the final result was fine but if you look at the middle nail at the bottom of the picture you'll see what I'm talking about. One of the roses is kind of blobby and blurred. That's because gel polish melts. It spreads. It pools. And this was quite a shock to me. On top of that, there are a million new techniques I need to learn - nothing is that same! I need to remove the tacky layer here, buff off the shine there, apply glue in other places... and what was that first one again?

There are other things you need to keep a careful eye out for too; use lint-free wipes! I did this gel polish french manicure on a friend, only to find when I was wiping the tacky layer off that there were stringy, lumpy bits protruding from the polish. Uggggh.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Nail Studio!

I've been very busy these past two months; setting up my own home salon! I'm only a few weeks away from completing my nail tech course now (nail school diaries will be updated at the end of it) and am so excited! This video shows the transformation of my blogging room into the Nailed It NZ home studio. I've had such awesome positive feedback on this video, so many lovely comments and messages. Thank you!!

To book an appointment please email me -

Monday, 28 July 2014

Nicole by OPI | Swatches & Reviews

Most people will know of Nicole by OPI. It branches from the ever-popular OPI nail polish brand and they have so many amazing celebrity-inspired collections! Recently Nicole by OPI NZ was kind enough to send me eight of their beautiful polishes to swatch and create some nail art with. I've made a chevron tutorial from some of the colours, which will be up on YouTube in a couple of weeks. 

This brand has recently been released in Countdown supermarkets here in New Zealand - for a very good price. A year or so ago if you were to buy an OPI polish from the shops, you'd be paying upwards of $25. However, these beauties are marked at just $13.99 - and often on sale for $10! I'm very excited about this trend - I really hope it leads the way for more affordable polish in New Zealand.

If you've already puchased some of these, tag @nicolebyopinz and #liveinthecolourNZ in your swatches on instagram - they'd love to see them!

Today I'll show you all the colours I received and give a short review of each.

I love collaging swatches together! So pretty!

Sheer Fun is the perfect base for a French polish, or if you're trying the new negative space look. I used it as a base in my upcoming tutorial, actually! It has a very subtle, reddish shimmer running through it, and this is two coats of the polish.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Girly Skull Nail Art | Star Kin Nail Polish

Following on from my last post, a Star Kin nail polish review, I decided to use one of my favourite Star Kins in a nail art design! Here's what I came up with.

I've been a little obsessed with skull nail art lately, but I love mixing something that's completely the opposite in with it. Gross, deadly skulls... with a cross on another nail, or sugar skulls, or in this case, a pretty bow planted on it's head!

I've done quite a bit of skull nail art now, including a tutorial or two. I haven't posted all of them on my blog, but here are a few!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Star Kin Nail Polish | Review & Swatches

If you're a New Zealand polish lover than you may have heard of Star Kin. It's a beautiful indie brand made here in New Zealand by a lovely lady called Ami! All the polishes she makes can be found on Etsy and are very reasonably priced. She also makes the most delicious smelling cuticle oil I have ever found - and being a well-established nail fanatic I have tried a few! A friend showed me hers, and it immediately led to me purchasing about 20 "cuti-cuddles" to sell in my home studio... and one for me. I might actually do a whole post about them sometime, they really are quite incredible.

Ami was kind enough to send me a bunch of her polishes to swatch and review!

I'll start with my favourite. With Grape Delight is absolutely gorgeous. It's a deep grape purple with a holographic shimmer that really perfects it. This is three coats of the polish and I am SUCH a fan.

Isn't is stunning?

A close second for me, is Blue Suede Shoes. It's hands down the best base to galaxy nail art I've ever seen - I had to resist making a full-on nail art design out of this when I was swatching it! It's packed with iridescent glitter, holo shimmer and is just beautiful. This is 2-3 coats.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Born Pretty Store Giveaway - THREE WINNERS!

Time for another Born Pretty Store giveaway! This one's got three winners!

I won't ramble on, but here are some basic rules:

  • 1 entry per person
  • Don't lie on the entry form - I'll be checking!
  • Giveaway is international
  • I am not responsible for any prizes lost in the post. This hasn't happened before, but just to be safe!
So, the prizes! They're all in the form of vouchers to Born Pretty Store. If you haven't heard of BPS already, they supply a huge amount of nail art supplies. Most of my art stuff comes from there, and I regularly purchase and review their products. I've been working with them for about two years and haven't had a reason to stop ☺. Their prices are very good and they have international free shipping.

Prize One: $20 voucher to Born Pretty Store!

Here's a little photo montage of what $20 can get you...

Prize Two: $15 voucher to Born Pretty Store!

Here's a picture showing what you could buy with that voucher...

Prize Three: $15 voucher to Born Pretty Store!

This part of the giveaway is exclusively run through instagram - I'll choose the winner off there. All you need to do is follow me on instagram and re-post the picture below (it'll also be on my IG account). Find me @naileditnz and use the hashtag #naileditnzbpsgiveaway to be in the draw!

I also have this code for 10% off, so really you can get more than what you see above!

Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below to be in to win the first two prizes, and head over to instagram to enter the third! Remember, no cheating - if you haven't commented, followed or "liked," don't say you did!  Each person can only enter once. The giveaway will run for one month, starting at midnight on the 20th July, closing at midnight 20th August. Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments. Good luck!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

More Bloopers! | Nailed It NZ YouTube

My latest YouTube video is a bit random and weird - not a tutorial this time! I save up my intros and every now and again I make a bloopers video. It's painful trawling through all the footage but it can be quite funny once it's all together! Hope you enjoy it.

You can check out my previous bloopers video here ☺.
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