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The End

Five and a half years ago, Nailed It NZ begun. What started as a hobby grew quickly into a passion; one that I believed would never die. I daydreamed about where I would take it, and adamantly stated that I'd still be painting cartoon characters on my nails in my retirement. Every new follower was a thrill - and then I started getting things to review! It went from strength to strength, and I was blown away as my followers went from ten to 10,000, to where it is now at a combined following of over 200,000. I trained as a nail technician. I won competitions, met celebrities, threw myself off the Auckland Harbour Bridge on live radio. I've met friends for life, developed a brush and file line... and that takes me to where I am now. While summed up in a quick paragraph, it all sounds great; but in reality I've spent five years of weekends and late nights cooped up in whatever space I've allowed for my nail art. It always had to come first, and when you allow 4-6 hours

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